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How to Use Our Gravity Forms Coupon

Using a coupon when you purchase the Gravity Forms plugin is straight forward. Simply click the Buy Gravity Forms link in their header, or the giant orange buy now button on the home page. From their you will see a modal window pop up, like the one in the graphic below. Open and copy the coupon that will save you the most money on your purchase.

Once you select the coupon you want to apply to your plugin purchase you are automatically redirected to the GravityForms website. Paste the coupon into the discount code box in the screen you see below, click apply, and verify the correct discount is applied to your total. Check out and complete payment through PayPal and you are done. We are happy to have Gravity Forms as the latest addition to our coupon directory.


Our Gravity Forms Review

Plugins can really boost the effectiveness of your WordPress site, adding functionality and flair in a myriad of ways. If you’re on the lookout for a useful form plugin, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options available. However, some plugins are better than others and today we’ll take a look at one of the most commonly-used and highest-rated form plugins out there: Gravity Forms.

More than a million different WordPress sites are currently making use of this particular plugin, so it must have some interesting features to offer. This plugin is priced fairly, works well and comes with a nice range of features and add-ons. Let’s look at how good it really is.

Gravity Forms Design and Dashboard Interface

What really accentuates the appeal of Gravity Forms is its simplicity and ease of use. A lot of form-making tools force you to actually build your forms elsewhere and copy some lines of code to make them appear on your site. As a WordPress plugin, Gravity Forms simplifies this whole experience by letting you create forms directly via your WordPress dashboard.

All you have to do to access this functionality is to install the plugin. Then, you’ll notice a new tab labelled “Forms” on your main WordPress menu. You can access this tab to create, modify and delete forms, as well as checking out the actual info that your forms have managed to gather.

All of this means that form building can be done much more easily and quickly than before, because you never need to leave your WordPress dashboard. You simple create a form and then copy and paste the resulting shortcode over to the page or post where you want it displayed.

What’s more, making the forms is also very straightforward. Gravity Forms’ builder works with a drag and drop system that will definitely appeal to users of all ability levels. With this system, you can simply move elements around your form with the click of a button. The plugin also features many of the options you would expect to find in this sort of tool, letting you create bullet point lists, pricing fields, captchas to prevent spam and more.


Unique Gravity Forms Features

Not only that, but this plugin also features a lot of unique options to streamline and enhance the form-building process. For example, the plugin lets you integrate various third-party services and options into your forms via the use of add-ons. One example is an add-on that lets you add PayPal support to your forms, which can help to save a lot of time and make your forms more efficient overall.

A vast range of options also helps to make the whole experience better. You can, for instance, let readers submit their own posts or let your site’s writers submit their articles with ease. Another bonus is the fact that all of the information gathered by your forms goes straight into your WordPress database, which is easily accessible at any time.

The team behind Gravity Forms clearly has a lot of confidence in this product as they’re willing to let you test out a demo version, entirely free. This is a smart thing to do, as it will allow you to explore the different options and functionality of the plugin, letting you see how well it can work for you before deciding to proceed with a purchase.

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Gravity Forms Service and Customer Support

The Gravity Forms’ site also runs a reliable customer service program. You can check out a well-written FAQ or other helpful documentation to solve problems on your own. Otherwise, you can access a forum full of users to deal with your queries or make use of the site’s support ticket system. People who decide to buy the Developer License of GravityForms are given priority via this ticket system.

That brings us nicely onto the prices of this plugin. When you create a form on another site, you usually have to pay a recurring monthly or annual fee to keep the form going. With this plugin, you only need to pay once, so you can save quite a lot of cash in the long run. You may also choose to pay an additional annual fee for extra support, but this isn’t mandatory. Gravity Forms is currently offered with three different price plans.

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Gravity Forms Plans and Pricing Before Coupons

The most basic option, known as the Personal License, lets you use the plugin on a single site and comes with a whole year of support for just $39. Next, there’s the Business License with gives you a range of add-ons and lets you use the plugin on three sites for $99. Finally, the Developer License lets you make forms for as many sites as you want. This costs $199 and comes with priority support and extra add-ons.

What’s more, Gravity Forms actually rewards loyal customers by letting you renew your license each year for half of the price you initially paid. That’s a great deal and ensures that you’ll certainly spend less money with this plugin than you would using a separate form-hosting site. Another advantage of using a plugin is that you have a much greater level of control.

This lets you make more unique and detailed forms, featuring everything you want them to have. Overall, this plugin works very reliably, won’t confuse novice users and doesn’t cost huge amounts of money. If you’re searching for a great form-building plugin for your WordPress site, look no further than GravityForms.

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