Get Your Readers to Pay for Content with a Tweet

Have Readers Pay For Your Content With a Tweet

You’ve probably noticed more and more sites asking users to post a tweet in order to unlock some content. This is a great technique to spread the word about your services and market your site in a completely free and effective manner. It works well for visitors to your site as well, as by tweeting they’ll be unlocking some bonus content or downloading something interesting.

The situation is profitable for both the site owner and the site users, so it’s really a no-brainer to install this system on your own website as soon as possible. Today, we’ll take a look at how you go about asking your readers to pay for content with a tweet on WordPress sites.

Step By Step Guide to Implementing a Tweet-to-Read System

twitter-logoThe first step is quite simple: you’ll need to download the “Pay with a Tweet” plugin available on the WordPress plugin library. You can then install the plugin and head to the “Configuration” menu to set it up properly. As this app runs in conjunction with Twitter, the first step is to create your own Twitter app and enter your personalized consumer and secret keys into the relevant boxes.

Setting up a Twitter app can be a little complicated, but it shouldn’t take long. You simply need to visit the website for Twitter Developers. You’ll need to sign in with your own Twitter credentials and click on your name at the top of the screen. Next, simply click on the “My Applications” button that appears to start setting up the app.

You’ll see a button called “Create New App” that you should click on next. After this, a form will appear for you to enter the various relevant details. You’ll have to type in a name and description for the app, along with the URL of your website and you’ll also see a “Callback URL”. This box should be filled with the URL you’ll find on the configuration screen for the “Pay with a Tweet” plugin. To finish off the form, you’ll simply have to agree with the terms and conditions and click on the “Create” button.

At this point, Twitter will create your app and send you to the dashboard. Here, you should click on the “Permissions” section and change the access of the app to “Read and Write” as this will allow the app to be properly used on your site. You should then click on the “Test OAuth” button which will show you the secret keys mentioned above. You can then copy and paste these keys into the necessary boxes back on the configuration menu. With this step finished, the Pay with a Tweet plugin has been fully configured.

Next, you’ll want to organize the relevant content or file that you want to block off with the tweet. This file will only be downloadable to your visitors after they have tweeted a message about your site or company. To get this part of the app working, you should head to the “Upload Files” tab of the plugin. Here, you simply need to choose the file or files you wish to offer for download. If you want to modify or delete any of these files afterwards, you can simply head to the “Manage Files” tab.

The next and final major step of the process is to create your Pay with a Tweet button. To do this, simply click on the “New Payment Button” tab once again. Here you can enter a name for your payment and type up the tweet you want your visitors to share to unlock their downloads. You can also add an image for your button to draw your visitors’ attention. To finish off the process, you’ll need to specify which file you want to make available for download after your users post the tweet. You should be able to select from the files you uploaded earlier. Finally, you can click on the “Create Payment” button to end the process and make your button go live.


Changing and Maintaining Your Tweet-to-Read Pages

If you ever want to modify or delete your existing buttons, you can click on the “Manage Buttons” tab of the plugin. You can also use this menu to see the shortcode for your created buttons. You can then copy this code and paste it onto the pages of your site where you would like the button to appear. You can even paste the shortcode into new posts to maximize its exposure for your most recent visitors.

Encouraging your users to pay for content with a tweet is a really smart thing to do on your website. This technique is basically providing you with free marketing and requires very little work on your part. It should also help to rapidly boost the number of visitors on your site, resulting in more sales, subscribers or ad exposure, depending on the sort of site you run. Either way, it’s important to be prepared when you get this plugin installed.

Make sure your site is ready to handle additional traffic and that you have put bonus marketing methods in place to turn your new visitors into loyal followers by ensuring that your hosting plan can handle the additional bandwidth. If you do decide to make a switch with your hosting, our reviews and coupons are a great place to start shopping.

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