Genesis WordPress Theme Review

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review

The Genesis WordPress theme framework is becoming increasingly popular, thanks in no small part to its functionality, excellent design and support for premium features. Plenty of famous bloggers and WordPress users are making the switch to Genesis and many other users are wondering whether or not they should follow suit. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the various advantages and features of Genesis in order to help a typical WordPress user decide whether or not to make the change.

So why has Genesis become so popular? Well, the framework offers a whole host of amazing features that can be useful in a wide variety of ways to really boost the appeal of your site. It is also exceptionally easy to use and, even on default settings without adding in any additional themes, it looks good. The framework receives regular updates, ensuring that any problems will be swiftly dealt with. In addition, it is perfectly optimized for use across all of the popular browsers and search engines.

Genesis Effect on Search Engine Optimization

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Genesis will have you covered. Website developers can often feel wary about search engine rankings, but the code of the Genesis framework has been perfectly optimized to ensure that SEO will not be a concern for users. Constant updates also provide reassurance that this code will not be going out of date. Speaking of updates, Genesis also allows you to update your site with a new level of ease and rapidity. WordPress users often avoid updates for fear of problems and bugs, but Genesis has streamlined the entire process, performing thorough testing on all updates before sending them out. Users need only click on the update button to confirm the procedure and shouldn’t have to worry about anything else.

Security is also a major concern for developers and site runners, but Genesis is able to provide reassurances in this regard as well. The framework has been developed with the aid of internet security experts to ensure that your content and site should remain safe and protected from any malicious attacks or hacks. This technology should give users some peace of mind, as hacking and other vicious internet activities continue to bring down sites everywhere, forcing developers to constantly be thinking of new ways to protect their content.


Genesis Packages and Pricing

One of the problems with a lot of themes and frameworks is the price, but Genesis starts out as low as $59.95, making it one of the cheapest options available and excellent value for money. People looking for the full set of Genesis features and themes, known as the StudioPress PRO Plus package, will need to pay approximately $349.95, but it’s good to know that you can have an introduction to the framework for a fraction of that price. When compared to the top packages of other frameworks, like Thesis for example, even this $349.95 price seems like a great deal.

The ideal compromise is to purchase the framework along with a single child theme for the affordable price of approximately $79.95. You can add on extra themes for about $20 each, but expert developers will be able to make their own themes anyway, so the base framework package might be enough.

Installing and Using the Genesis Theme

The issue with a with Genesis for a lot of first-time Genesis users is that the installation process is different from a traditional theme. Notice I didn't say harder or more complicated, still quite easy, just different.

So how easy is Genesis to install? Well, the process is actually very simple. Users need only install the theme and activate. If additional child themes have been purchased, these can also be installed and activated. At that point, the process is complete and you’ll just have to worry about creating your content and building your online profile. However, you’ll probably want to take a look at the various options on offer as well.

using-genesis-theme-settingsInstead of the more traditional drop-down menu used by many WordPress themes, Genesis is controlled via the use of a sidebar on the WordPress admin area. From here, you can view the README file, which will take you through the steps of installing a child theme. You can also manage your themes and import or export various settings.

When it comes to theme settings, Genesis offers an intuitive user interface and some smart settings that should be simple to use. You can use this area of the sidebar to effectively change all of the various aspects of your theme, from background colors to layouts to the insertion of new custom scripts. A whole host of settings are available in this menu and developers will really be able to tweak their pages to suit their needs. You can activate comments, change the organization of your pages, insert social media widgets and much, much more. Meanwhile, with the Import/Export button, you can efficiently import and export your various theme settings or SEO configurations to other sites. If you have a portfolio of websites, this is an especially handy feature.

Overall, the Genesis framework has to be commended for its ease of use, excellent security features, SEO settings and slick look. A whole myriad of child themes are available. Some of these are free and others are paid, but the majority of them look great and allow users to choose a style that suits their attitude and content. The team at StudioPress have evidently done an effective job of optimizing Genesis for the masses and it’s easy to see why this framework has gained so much popularity in recent times.

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