FormCraft Plugin Review

FormCraft WordPress Contact Form Plugin Review

Do you own a WordPress site that requires one or more forms to be filled in by customers wishing to order something, readers who want to sign up for newsletters or for almost any other purpose? The latest version of the plugin FormCraft will make including customized forms for users to fill in a really easy process. Available for a small premium, especially given all of the easy to use features of the plugin, FormCraft is a must have for the serious website owner. Customers get easily turned off when forms fail to allow them to quickly and easily make contact via the internet. Why lose business or repeat visitors over something that can be easily addressed with a simple to use plugin?


FormCraft means no more spending hours building customized forms for your site. Simply grab this plugin and get to work. Drag and drop the elements you need into place and you will have the form you need and it will function perfectly. There are several built in templates that you can choose to really make form creation a quick process. These include basics like a contact form, a simple order form and a newsletter signup. Site users will find easy to understand forms that are a breeze to fill in and are never glitchy or buggy.

Site owners will find many other features that will make this plugin a winner in their minds. First, when a form is filled out it can be set up to be sent to multiple emails. One copy can go to accounting, another to order fulfillment, another to a sales rep and so on. There will be no need to rely on a chain of people reporting to one another. FormCraft is set up to eliminate the worry that someone forgets or is away from the computer and eliminates “missing” emails or orders. Filled in forms are also available on the built in dashboard that displays each submission. Other information the dashboard displays includes the number of times a form has been viewed and the number of times it has been submitted. Statistics for individual forms as well as for the overall performance of all forms are available on the dashboard.

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FormCraft has a multitude of exciting and user friendly features: retina support, slider forms, multicolumn forms, emoticon choice fields, star rating fields, time picker, Ajax loading, show/hide fields, graphical statistical reporting, an Autoresponder, MailChimp, Campaign monitor, and AWeber integration. Form data is autosaved. Maps, videos and other widgets can be embedded and there is the capability to upload multiple files. There is also excellent support that is available for 12 months after this plugin is purchased.

The latest version of FormCraft offers multipage forms. Excellent math logic allows for simple formulas to be applied and followed. For example, add all numbers in column B and place that total in box 3. Now there is a subtotal of purchases and tax and shipping can also be calculated and added. FormCraft allows you to build it all into one form that you can customize to best fit the needs of your website.

For novice website owners there are excellent areas for getting quick answers to your questions. FormCraft’s Help Topics section is an easy place to get complete answers in simple terms for even the most inexperienced users. Detailed tutorials on literally dozens of topics will take you step by step through the process of building the forms you need. These are informative and easy to understand and can be a big asset in seeing firsthand the different ways the many features included with FormCraft work and can be utilized. For questions that still need to be answered or for clarification when you just aren’t sure about something you can create a support ticket and have full confidence that you will receive a prompt answer and your issue will be resolved. The best part of all of this is that these options are readily available on the form editor page. You will never need to hunt to answer a question or find the link to user support services.

The Best Contact Form Builder. Period.

FormCraft has truly become the essential form builder for WordPress websites. Easy to use, incredibly versatile and truly affordable, this plugin is the real deal. A good professional uses the best tools to get the job done and FormCraft really is the single best way to build responsive forms that help collect data, take orders or sign users for whatever it is you have to offer on your website. It is, indeed, the best tool for the job. Having forms that look good, work consistently well, and are easy for a site’s visitors to use will mean more repeat traffic, more orders and more participation. Why not let a plugin like FormCraft be a part of your success? After all, the whole reason to have a website is to keep people coming back.

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