FlyWheel Review

FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting Review

In the modern world, owning your own website is becoming more and more important. Whether you’re simply an individual looking to share some blog posts and photographs or a big corporation that wants to build an online userbase, the benefits of having a website are vast and varied. WordPress is the most popular platform of choice, with countless new sites being built with WP technology each day. As the popularity of this platform continues to rise, web hosting providers are starting to offer more specialized packages, tailor-made for WordPress users. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one such example: FlyWheel.

FlyWheel launched back in 2012 with the sole aim of the company being to provide the best experiences possible for WordPress web designers and developers. The company has since made a name for itself as a reliable provider, offering excellent software and top notch support to countless happy customers.

Meet FlyWheel: Built for Designers, Perfect for You.

Despite the fact that FlyWheel markets its services towards designers, regular business owners can also benefit from FlyWheel’s services too. If you do happen to be a developer or designer, this really is the perfect option for you. FlyWheel offers brilliant organization services, one-click updates, simple collaboration techniques for you and your team, and plenty more great features.

flywheel-reviewFor the typical user, this provider offers all of the features and advantages you could possibly hope for, including free site migration, nightly backups, brilliant security features, the choice of 10 different data centers and great customer support options. When compared to some of the other leading WordPress hosting providers, FlyWheel performs more than admirably. For a relatively low price, especially compared to some of the high-profile providers in the business, you’ll be getting a great hosting plan that works very well on any WordPress site.

Now let’s take a look at how one goes about signing up with FlyWheel. This process can be complicated and time-consuming with other providers, but the FlyWheel team have made the whole thing as straightforward as possible. New users simply need to sign-up and enter some basic information. After that, they’ll be taken straight to the intuitive dashboard and can get started with site management.

The dashboard itself is really well made. It has a clean design and lets you see the information you need without trawling through reams of menus and tabs. To modify your site, you can simply click on it. You’ll then be able to see various important bits of information like the stats of your site, a general overview, a list of add-ons, backups and an array of advanced options too.

Collaboration on FlyWheel

For designers and developers, the way in which collaboration is handled by FlyWheel will really appeal. The process has been fully simplified and you can even manage individual collaborators directly from your own account. This gets rid of all of the usual hassle associated with dealing with multiple accounts and passwords. All you need to do is invite the people you wish to collaborate with. They’ll then be able to set up their own accounts and get started on the site. This offers a much greater level of control to you as a user and saves a lot of time too.

Now let’s talk about another key issue for every site owner: performance. Unlike other providers, FlyWheel doesn’t record uptime statistics, but users have run their own tests and been very pleased with the results. Even on poorly-optimized sites, FlyWheel offers excellent speeds that should please most users. If you take the time to properly optimize your site, you’ll be able to enjoy some very reliable and impressive performance statistics with this provider. Loading times with FlyWheel have proven to be incredibly quick and this means that your visitors won’t have any trouble navigating your site.


A Look at FlyWheel Plans and Prices

Taking a look at the various plans and prices available, FlyWheel essentially splits its plans into two different categories. The first set is designed for people running a single site. The most basic plan, called the Tiny plan, costs just $15 per month and offers 5GB of disk space and 250GB of bandwidth. This plan can support up to 5000 visitors per month, so it’s perfect for smaller sites or simple blogs.

The provider then offers incremental upgrades for its Personal and Professional plans. The former is $30/month and supports up to 25,000 visits each month while the latter is $75/month and can support up to 100,000 visits. It’s good to see a nice range of options available, helping you choose the right plan for your site without having to overspend on services you don’t need.


If you need support for multiple WordPress sites, you may be interested in one of FlyWheel’s bulk plans. There are two of these plans. The first is called Freelancer and costs $100/month. This plan allows you to have hosting on 10 WordPress installs and comes with huge amounts of bandwidth and disk space. The second, and most expensive plan, is called Agency and costs $250 each month. The Agency plan works with up to 30 installs and comes with suitable amounts of storage and bandwidth. You can also choose to add on extra features like CDN, SSL support and more for small extra fees, or you could even decide to create your own custom plan.

Overall, FlyWheel is a very impressive hosting provider. The service they offer is fast and reliable. In addition to that, it’s also very easy to get to grips with the FlyWheel dashboard and systems, so you won’t be wasting time learning lots of new tricks and techniques. To make the whole package even more attractive, FlyWheel also offers a range of excellent customer support options. You can get in touch with their support team via live chat, phone or email, and responses tend to be very fast. This is certainly a provider worth considering if you’re in need of some managed WordPress hosting.

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