Featured Product: A Small Orange Dedicated Servers

A Small Orange is a homegrown hosting company offering vivid ranges of hosting plans and web services to those who desire to get the most of a server at the lowest of prices. The dedicated servers from A Small Orange provide the ultimate hosting experience. With almost infinite customization options available, your hosting environment can be easily fine-tuned to your exact requirements. They will set up, secure, maintain, administer and monitor your server for you as well, you can simply concentrate on running your site worry-free at all times.

You can get started with their dedicated servers from as low as $125 a month! A Small Orange offers powerful and affordable plans available for anyone and everyone who wishes to set foot in and rule the online marketplace. There are four variants of the dedicated servers available with A Small Orange that include the Starter plan, Standard hosting, Professional hosting and Ultimate hosting.

  1. Starter: At $125 per month, this is the most affordable of the dedicated server plans available with A Small Orange. Along with the quality of the RAM and processors, it offers a 4 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk space (or 128 GB SSD in RAID-1) with 5 free IPs and a bandwidth transfer of 5 GB.
  2. Standard: Priced at $135 for a month, it varies from the Starter plan in the fact that the RAM has a doubled capacity here and a better processor is employed, making your sites faster and robust.
  3. Professional: It is a perfect plan for hosting websites that demand extended resources. It has a 16 GB RAM and includes a much faster and advanced multi-core processor. It is priced at $175 per month and is the penultimate dedicated hosting plan available with A Small Orange.
  4. Ultimate: Offering you total control and power, the Ultimate server really sets the standard. Employing the best in class processors and a RAM capacity of 32 GB, the Ultimate plan quoted at $275 per month gives all the flexibility, speed and security needed for your websites.


When you purchase any server from A Small Orange, not only do you get a machine, but you also get a team of experts looking out for you and wanting to extend their helping hand in every way possible. You also get standard features for free that other web hosting companies generally charge for, like cPanel. cPanel is included as a FREE add-on with all Shared and Business hosting accounts of A Small Orange, and can be added to all other plans for free too (with the exclusion of Level 1 VPS plans).

With A Small Orange, you don't need to worry about software management; they will provide top quality customer support for the Operating System and control panel that come on your server. The initial set up will be completely free of cost and a technician will always be at your service to provide unlimited tech support. They also provide proactive security updates to ensure that your server's software is safe, secure, and up to date. They will also monitor your servers all the time and keep you updated with any helpful resources you may need to keep your servers and sites in proper running condition.


With A Small Orange, you do not need to regularly update all your software or resources as their team and automated software will do this task for you. It solely depends on you how much control you need in your hands; for anything you do not want to do manually, they have a solution. Getting your websites perform better and faster was never such easy!

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