Essential WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

You have a business, you are just starting out, and you want people to find out about it, what`s to be done? Easy: the business card of any respectable businessman is the web site. It is not optional, but a must if you want to increase and reach the full potential of your business.

The online environment is the most efficient way for you to get in touch with your possible customers. Building your web site on WordPress is free and you get to have the opportunity to choose your wanted graphics and features from a rich palette of patters.
Assuming you already installed your WordPress site and your theme, the next logical step to make it functional and successful. Meaning you will have to install plugins that are absolutely essential for any WordPress site, especially those plugins needed for a business web site profile.

If you want to promote your business and attract future customers, here are for you five plugins that will make your life much easier and your business profitable.

Responsive Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps allows its users to access online maps, search local businesses, place free ads. This plugin is the very first that should come to your mind when marketing your local business. You want people to know where they can find you. That's basically what Responsive Google Maps Plugin does. It is very easy to install and when doing so, you will get to use its multiple features. By accessing the WordPress Admin Panel, you can add multiple markers on the map and multiple maps on the page. Your business has multiple locations?

Take your time and add them all. Furthermore, you can personalize the look of your Google Map, in the best way possible to suit with the style of your web site. Or, perhaps you would want to add your own pictures and display directions to your business. All that is possible with this plugin. For a full range of services, feel free to provide your customers weather predictions. And, not last, choose the type of your map between even terrain, satellite, road or maybe hybrid.

WP Quick Booking Manager Pro

If your business is a restaurant, a salon, a hotel, or any other activity that needs a booking, then you would definitely need this plugin. For $24, WP Quick Booking Manager Pro will keep things really organized for you, having an unlimited number of bookings and the automatic function to block the unavailable times. It can't get any easier than this.

With a friendly and easy to use interface, there is no room for mistake and your business will definitely reach its full potential. Among features you will have a calendar – under a widget or a short code form, a management for services, possibilities to set the price per hour, day or week and many more.

Booking Calendar

booking-calendar-wordpressIf you are on a budget and you are looking for a booking calendar that is free, just choose the Booking Calendar plugin. It will be a little bit more work for you, but in the end you will get the expected results. For instance, if you want to avoid unpleasant situations, like double booking, all you have to do is limit the numbers of booking per day. It is also a bit risky since this plugin doesn't allow any payment, and it's up to you if you want to take this risk or not.

Overall, considering the fact it is free and it works, might be the right choice for you especially if you're running a small business. Updates are possible, but they come with a price. Anyway, it's good to know you have options, in case you want to expand and use features as online payments or hourly bookings.

Yoast Local SEO

Like any pragmatic businessman, we suppose you want visibility on Google, by ranking as high as possible your web site on the search engine. This is possible with the help of Yoast Local SRO plugin. When we are talking about local SEO, we get to operate with unique components. Good idea to start with your name, address and your phone number. Add them using Local Business to show the search engines which is each. Proceeding this way you will get your business location. Then include the name of your town in the tag title, Meta description and in the content of the web site. Choose to do SEO in a natural manner and you will always get the best results.

Also add a geographical sitemap in order to indicate the localization of your business. By doing so you will enjoy additional advantages, like reviews of your customers, or even better, you will get your business ranked on yellow pages or other trusted web sites. This plugin is available for $69.

Sabai Directory Plugin for WordPress

sabai-directory-wordpressAnother solution for promoting your local business is the Sabay Directory Plugin. For $28, you get to keep together multiple businesses in a single directory. Among its features, you can benefit from an interactive Google Map, adding the name, the location and your own picture. It is a very easy to use plugin, with a high range of selections. If you know what you're doing and you are not afraid of other business in the same niche as you, this is definitely the plugin to use.

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