Enfold WordPress Theme Review

Introducing Enfold WordPress Theme

With more and more businesses making websites to expand their online profiles and attract new customers, everyone is looking for new themes to improve their efficiency levels and give their site an edge in an increasingly competitive world. Today, we’ll be looking at the Enfold WordPress theme.

kriesi wordpress theme author reviewEnfold was developed by Themeforest author Kriesi and is specifically designed for businesses, favoring performance and efficiency above all else to ensure that your site looks good and functions as perfectly as possible from day to day. The theme is becoming more and more popular in recent times and more businesses are making use of Enfold to attract new clients and improve their productivity.

The design of the theme is the first thing most people will notice about it. Combining simplicity and elegance to create a clean overall appearance, the Enfold WordPress theme can be customized to your liking but will always offer a sleek look to make your business’ website stand out from the crowd.

When people visit your site, they don’t want to be bogged down with rich graphics and confusing images. Potential clients and customers need to access the content and services they need with ease. Fortunately, with such a simple and good-looking design, visitors to your site will have no problems with navigation and will certainly want to explore the various web pages you have set up.

enfold responsive design and options

Setting Up Enfold and It's Theme Options

For new and inexperienced site owners, in particular, setting up new themes can seem like an overwhelming and complex challenge. Fortunately, Enfold makes things so simple that almost anyone can use this theme without any problems whatsoever. Installation is a very rapid process that shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes, so you can be up and running no time.

Advanced users will naturally be able to make their own detailed adjustments thanks to the various options on offer, but it’s nice to know that novices can simply click a few buttons and enjoy the benefits of this great WordPress theme.

enfold plugins review

Integration of Popular WordPress Plugins

Once the installation has been completed, you can make use of a myriad of options to make the site truly your own. The theme is fully compatible with the Slider Revolution plugin, one of the most popular sliders in the WordPress plugin library. With this, your site will be exceptionally easy to navigate.

Enfold also includes a very handy layout builder featuring a “drag and drop” system. This is particularly beneficial for novice users as it allows you to simply move items and elements all around your page, arranging them any way you like. The theme also comes complete with various other customization options, and this is all very important in the world of business where a site needs to capture a visitor’s attention quickly and share as much relevant information about the company as possible.

Enfold Has Been Designed for Success

enfold customer reviewsYou shouldn’t have too much trouble gaining additional traffic with the use of this theme. Contact boxes can be easily slotted onto your various web pages to allow your customers to get in touch with you, while Enfold also includes built-in translation features to allow your site to be viewed in a myriad of languages from all over the world. This feature might not be relevant to your business, but the fact that it exists shows how much effort has gone into the development of this premium business theme.

You’ll also benefit from powerful search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that your website frequently appears at the top of search engine listings, giving you a much better chance of receiving plenty of attention.

With recent advancements in technology, an increasing number of people are using devices other than their computers and notebooks to access the internet. Fortunately, the Enfold theme works perfectly well with smartphones and tablets, so you can rest assured that your site will be entirely viewable on any device imaginable.

The theme has been specially developed to adjust itself to different screen sizes. Once again, this feature is vital in the world of business as people often use their phones and other portable devices to access products and services while on-the-move.

The theme is fully-fitted with WooCommerce, allowing businesses to start selling products and services online immediately. This, combined with the other features mentioned above, makes the Enfold WordPress theme one of the best for business websites. Each aspect of this theme has been carefully crafted to provide an optimal experience for both the site owner and the site user. A huge array of custom options means that every site has the potential to be completely unique and the minimalist design gives your business a sleek and elegant image.

Whatever the type of business you are running, Enfold would surely make a great choice for your website. Overall, this theme has to be recommended as it offers everything a professional site owner could desire and is wholly accessible for both new and advanced users.

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