Easier SSL Certificates with Media Temple

With more and more businesses looking to expand their online profiles and create new websites, online security is more important than ever before. More and more people are making purchases online and searching for new services via the internet. However, customers and clients are also becoming increasingly wary about cyber security, especially in the wake of recent attacks that have led to huge database breaches and losses of personal details including addresses, phone numbers and credit card details. People need to know that they can trust your online purchase system before making any sort of payment and SSL certificates are exactly what site owners need to give their pages a respectable and recognizable level of security.

Media Temple is one of the leading providers of SSL certificates, offering affordable and dependable security options for site owners of all experience levels. To boost your online profile and encourage more users to purchase your products or services, security is an absolute must and the purchase of a Media Temple SSL certificate is a great way to start.

Thanks to advancements in computer technology, along with the rising popularity of new devices like smartphones and tablets, a huge percentage of people are shopping for products and services online. These people are also much more knowledgeable about the internet and can easily spot when a site isn’t secure. Browsers and antivirus software programs include warning messages that will appear on websites which don’t have SSL certificates, greatly discouraging users from entering any personal information into these sites.

buying a ssl certifacte from media temple in 2015

What Exactly is a SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is effectively a symbol of authentication, it proves that the site can be trusted and encourages users to enter their details without any worries or fears. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a type of secure connection between site visitors and the site’s servers, preventing any malicious users or programs from accessing the information shared between the user and the site. It has been proven countless times that sites with SSL certificates will enjoy much higher volumes of traffic and many more sales than sites which try to operate in an insecure manner.

Media Temple is a great place to find your SSL certificates as they offer them at affordable prices and in simple forms. Site owners can, for example, purchase a simple GeoTrust Quick SSL certificate, which is the most common form of certificate available online. This is also immensely easy to use and install and provides a good array of features to boost your site’s security.

This certificate is compatible with nearly every single browser across all platforms, including mobile devices, making it perfectly suited to the modern world where a large percentage of users access sites from their smartphones and tablets. In addition, the GeoTrust Quick SSL certificate offers a secure level of encryption that will allow you and your users to have the peace of mind that comes from safe transactions.

Why Buy Your SSL Certificate From Media Temple?

This certificate can easily be purchased by simply creating an account with Media Temple. Existing account owners can also make use of these certificates at the click of a button. To make the process even simpler and smoother for all users, the certificate is exceptionally easy to install. Media Temple offers special AccountCenter tools to all account owners that can automatically install the SSL certificate for you. At the same time, if you’re an advanced user who would prefer installing the certificate yourself, that option is completely available for you.

Media Temple allows you to choose the way you secure your site and makes the process easy and rapid for all users. These certificates also come with the added bonus of the GeoTrust True Site Seal. This seal is effectively an emblem for your site which proves that your certificate has been successfully installed and your site is 100% secure. When visitors see this seal, they are even more likely to make a purchase via your site and enter their personal information. Just like the certificate, the GeoTrust True Site Seal is easy to install.

Additional Benefits of Buying Your SSL Through Media Temple

Overall, the benefits of an SSL certificate from Media Temple simply cannot be understated. If you want to have a successful site and build a loyal audience of customers and clients, you’ll need to focus on security. In this day and age, nobody wants to give away any bit of personal information without some assurances of safety.

If you can show the world that your site is safe, you’ll find more and more people will feel comfortable making use of your site and your sales should see huge increases. SSL certificates not only help your customers, but also allow you to rest assured, safe in the knowledge that your own personal information and payment details are not at risk of any malicious cyber-attacks. An SSL certificate is simply a must-have for any site owner, helping you and your users to enjoy stress-free transactions with total security.

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