Divi WordPress Theme Review

Elegant Themes with their production of The Divi Theme have without doubt enhanced their reputation ten fold since its inception by producing an astonishly powerful, slick and extremely versatile platform. User's have been very grateful to the platform for allowing them to incorporate a smart and flexible theme to their WordPress sites.

Before jumping into our review of the Divi theme, let us point out to use this theme you need to be a club member at Elegant Themes. Here is a nice Elegant Themes discount that will save you as much as 30% on their different memberships. In addition to the Divi theme review, we also have provided our visitors with a complete review of the Elegant Themes club.

It is also no wonder that Elegant Theme's latest bit of news has people wagging their tongues all over the world with their announcement that the release of Divi 2.4 is just around the corner. Many are predicting that the new release will be a massive game changer with people eagerly anticipating the release of such a theme leader. The release of the 2.4 version will bring a number of great updates and features as will be demonstrated in this article.

The Divi Builder was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. The builder transforms elements into visual building blocks, allowing anyone to understand and edit the structure of their page without touching a single line of code. There are no limitations as to how builder elements can be customizations and arranged, making Divi the most flexible theme we have ever created. Divi will change the way you build websites forever.

The Divi Post Builder

divi-theme-optionsOne of the best features of the new release is the Divi Post Builder in that it allows for a unique way to update and convey messages to the viewers. The Divi Post builder will now be available to be used on posts whereas before it was simply limited to pages created in WordPress. The 2.4 version will also allow for a new post title module which puts the main information - such as title, meta description and images - of the post into a page builder format. The great additional features also include a full-width and sidebar layouts to fully incorporate the imagination of the posts onto the site.

Custom Spacing Controls
Webmasters will now have full power in how they decide to build their website by effectively being able to use the crucial space available to them. With the latest update, power and control is well and truly in the hands of the site designer with features such as global and individual section padding, individual module padding, global and individual row column spacing and content and sidebar width all now easily controlled by the webmaster.

New and Improved Customizer
The great thing about the revamped customizer is that it is extremely easy to use which is great news for beginners, and of course established users and all without compromising its extreme power. Long-term Divi users will be the first to tell you that the front-end theme settings have always been a dream to work with, but now you will have even more fantastic additional features. The general theme settings will now include a new feature where you will be able to modify theme gutter widths and items such as the control section or row padding whilst header and body text styles will also allow for modification.

In the previous version of Divi, it was an annoying fact that not all tablet and phone styles were available for modification. However, in the latest edition this will now become a reality with modifiable areas including changing of the areas for the body text size, mobile header background colors, border styles and mobile text colors to mention a few. If that wasn't enough, features also include being able to customize global button styles, the modification of button sizes and also the customizing of background colors.

Advanced Settings Available on Divi

So far in this article, a common theme has been that of improved control and now with the advanced settings and custom CSS, it will speak no different due to the Divi 2.4 version including many new advanced module options. The new main advancements you can expect to find in the latest release include; per module text options, per module color options, per module button styling and per module margin and padding. Regarding custom CSS changes, it is also now possible to enter the custom CSS during a module, with this being a massive benefit for the users who found it difficult to change around one of these modules before.

All New Navigation Options
Through the customizer, it is possible to change all of the navigation items which will make it more ideal and easier for users to create changes that may be required further down the line. Divi 2.4 is riddled with exciting and slick looking navigation features to really enhance your site, with some of these new features including; show or hide your logo when someone scrolls down the page, generate a centered inline logo, reveal a transparent background color, adjust the navigation link size and adjust the fixed navigation logo height to name just a few.

The Fluid Divi 2.4 Grid
Divi 2.4 displays and demonstrates a very impressive complete fluid grid system which is essential for a smooth transition to all mobile devices. Although the initial settings can be a little on the tricky side, the features include the ability for custom content width for all devices you work on. The impressive fluidity also appeals to the custom column spacing, custom sidebar width and also the post builder for maximum efficiency.

All in all the latest release of the Divi Theme 2.4 is a highly anticipated one for all concerned as the new abilities and features it will bring will really open up the possibilities for users to incorporate into their sites. A truly remarkable update to an already remarkable platform.

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