Dedicated Virtual (dv) Hosting from Media Temple

Media Temple (mt) is a website hosting provider that has a good reputation and a large number of clients. This company is well established, having been around since the late 1990s, and has the ability to handle websites of various sizes and can even handle high volume traffic very efficiently. They offer multiple service levels and hosting packages. One of their popular offerings is the Dedicated Virtual (dv) plan. There are some features offered with this plan that make choosing it very sensible for many businesses and website owners.

Dedicated Hosting Built for Big Business, but Still Built to Scale

DV hosting from Media Temple was built to scale and grow as you grow. Starting with a smaller amount of RAM and lower pricing and working your way up as you need more is just one of the possibilities with this service. As your company grows you will not need to scramble to find new hosting, you will simply need to expand your already existing plan. This allows you to operate and grow without worrying about the headaches associated with setting up your website in a new place every time you outgrow the package your hosting service provides. Costs are well-established and told to you upfront.

There are no gimmicks, no deals that are made to one customer and not to another, no silly specials with fine print. Honest pricing is important to business owners and mt offers it perfectly.


Supporting Media Temple Dedicated Hosting

Next, Media Temple offers superb customer service. They are available to Dedicated Virtual customers by Skype, tweet, chat and phone. Support is available 24/7 to meet the needs from users in all time zones and who work long hours. There are excellent self-help tools provided where users can search and find answers to questions that are well-written and easy to understand. Solutions tend to be easy to carry out as well. Replies are prompt and professional and resolutions to issues are quickly made available to those who seek assistance.

For those who resell hosting, something that mt approves of, there are two options Plesk and cPanel. While cPanel is really liked by some, those who try Plesk find it performs extremely well. Plesk is a superb web hosting control panel that is growing in popularity.

For those who allow clients to use some of their dv space and for those who want seamless set up of email accounts, reseller accounts and new websites Plesk is worth checking out. Users will be more than pleased after exploring this control panel software package.

Media Temple is a strong company that has been built to keep customers happy. They offer packages that come as they are advertised. The server runs as mt says it will—fast, reliable, no real downtime…just good performance. The company presents itself as modern and innovative and the product they offer holds true to that image. For those in the world of business and website development today modern and polished are always going to be desirable. Several well-known users from artists to innovators to industry leaders rely on Media Temple. Surely, this means reliability and performance are going to be excellent.


Who Hosts on Media Temple's Dedicated Hosting

mediatemple-iphone-app-icon-logo 2Those who decide to give mt a try are finding the company and its services to be the perfect match for their needs when it comes to hosting. Artists, bloggers, retailers, and more simply are impressed from the minute they begin building their new website. Once they are up and running the great support, the friendly staff at mt and the fast, reliable service has new users hooked. They cannot wait to share fantastic reviews and good experiences with anyone looking for a new hosting service. Because they have found such a good product new users are eager to write glowing reviews of the Media Temple Dedicated Virtual plan. These excellent reviews have been crucial in getting new customers to continue to want to try this hosting plan.

With so many positives it is no wonder that Media Temple continues to grow. What is especially heartening is the fact that despite becoming a larger website hosting provider none of the personal touches or the friendly, professional service that is a hallmark of mt have been watered down. Their product continues to work as advertised, their support team is one of the best in the business, and their overall outlook as a company that is here to stay remains absolutely positive. Give mt a try and you will be installing apps and creating a beautiful website that is user friendly, loads fast and is very reliable. The possibilities for expansion as you grow mean that you will have a clear vision of the future of you website.

There can be no mistake that the reliability and top-notch performance of this website hosting service will make you very happy with the knowledge that you won’t be leaving for greener pastures any time soon and that you have found the perfect home for you website.

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