Clementine Managed Hosting From A Small Orange

What is Clementine Managed Hosting?

Clementine Managed Hosting is a new and exclusive product package from A Small Orange that puts you and your server needs first. Clementine Managed Hosting provides the speed, reliability and power of your dedicated server, while also taking care of the auxiliary needs like the server administration, uptime monitoring, server performance optimization – so you don't have to. A Small Orange does the important technical stuff for you, while you do the job you really want to be doing. Let us worry about your server, while you take care of what matters most – your business!

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clementine-hosting-a-small-orangeHow is Clementine Managed Hosting different from other hosting solutions offered by A Small Orange?
For starters, it gives you more performance power, just like the Dedicated Service Hosting package, but you do not require to have technical expertise or server administration knowledge to set it up and run it. Clementine Managed Hosting has three tiers of resources, each attuned to your specific needs that may range from a small business website to a robust e-commerce portal. Each of the tiers is designed exclusively to allow you to focus on building your website, not worry about server admin tasks. The unique possibility of scaling up and moving between tiers if your needs grow or change is the point of pride for A Small Orange. With Clementine Managed Hosting, you can update your tier anytime – this is as flexible as it gets when it comes to managed server hosting!

We configure every Clementine Managed Hosting account the way we do with our Shared servers. You get all the timely security updates, tweaks and fixes, patches and built-in enhancements, amazing speed improvements like our Shared servers clients do. But with Clementine Managed Hosting you will not be sharing your server with anyone! You can choose from three tier levels for utmost flexibility and peace of mind for your website or online store.

Clementine Managed Hosting Tier Levels

The starter level, Level I Tier is our most popular package of Clementine Shared Hosting, perfect for new projects and medium-traffic websites. Level I Tier includes all the Dedicated Server features of A Small Orange hosting, including 2GB RAM, dedicated disk space and a virtualized CPU – all for a great low price! Access to Softaculous and R1Soft backups for an added peace of mind is also included with every Clementine Managed Hosting tier, including Level I.

Level II and Level III Tiers offer maximum flexibility for those clients of Clementine Managed Hosting who are looking for more disk space, faster RAM or a more generous monthly bandwidth allocation. Higher tiers enjoy fully dedicated resources including cores and IP addresses, all for an competitive monthly price that provides incredible value.


Why Clementine Managed Hosting?

Clementine Managed Hosting is a truly revolutionary service that provides you with an amazingly powerful server without requiring expertise to maintain and run it in the most optimized way. Once you sign up for Clementine Managed Hosting, you receive credentials to access your new cPanel account, just like our Shared server clients do, and you are good to go! Clementine Managed Hosting maintains your server for you with powerful tools like built-in monitoring, automatic security updates and patches, optimized server set up, server configurations and performance optimization.

Last but not least, Clementine Managed Hosting clients benefit from top-notch customer support that A Small Orange is proud of. We always put our customers first. Our highly-trained support staff is ready to answer any inquiry or assist you with any issue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No question is too big or too small for us. Whether you want to know more about Clementine Managed Hosting, are inquiring about different tiers or are already a registered customer with a question, A Small Orange is here to help!

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