How to Install WordPress with Softaculous

softaculous-iconSo let’s say you’re just starting out with WordPress, I mean this is going way back to the absolute basics after you’ve first signed up and you’re ready to set up your site. Depending on how you’re planning to use your site and your target audience, there can be tons and tons of different ways to install WordPress. So let’s talk about how to install WordPress with Softaculous, one of many easy automatic script installers and easily one of the most popular.

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How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

Write a WordPress post today and publish it at a future date with just a few clicks.
A lot of people who start off using WordPress don’t realize that there’s actually in incredibly useful and somewhat hidden feature that allows you to schedule posts. Even a lot of people who have been using WordPress for a long time are sometimes surprised to learn exactly how easy it is and never had any idea that this feature was even available. Contrary to very popular belief, you don’t actually need an entirely separate plugin just to schedule your posts. All you need to do is change a few settings before you’ve submitted the post to go public, and we’re here to show you exactly how to go about accessing this schedule.

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How to Hide that You’re Running on WordPress

Hiding the Fact That Your Website is WordPress

wordpress-logo-wpcaddySince WordPress has been gaining more and more of a following in recent years, you seem to run into a lot more people these days that advocate WordPress but feel that you should have to somehow cover up the fact that you’re using it, like you should be embarrassed about it. You might be asking yourself, “If I’m just going to have to spend hours covering up the fact that I’m using WordPress, why bother using it at all?” This feeling is totally understandable, and trust me, you’re not alone in feeling like this. There’s a pretty definitive split between people who don’t hide that they’re running on WordPress and people who do. Today we’re going to discuss some of the tools you’ll need if you want to know how to hide that you’re running on WordPress if that’s what you want, and also some of the reasons from the side of people who don’t think this process is necessary.

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How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

What is a bounce rate, how do I calculate it and why does it matter?

decrease your website bounce rateThere is no shortage of articles and other resources online that talk about bounce rate and how important and scared you should be of it, but truth be told, the majority of people actually have no idea what it is or why it’s important, and I get questions all the time about how to decrease your bounce rate, so much that I finally decided to break down and go into it in-depth.

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Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Responsive in 15 Minutes

How to Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly in 15 Minutes Even if you are using a responsive theme, you and your visitors may be better off with a dedicated mobile theme. In this article, we will discuss the fastest way to make your WordPress website responsive. In this Weekend WordPress Project, we’ll take a look … Read more Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Responsive in 15 Minutes

How to Choose the Right WordPress Host

There are so many options available for hosting your website that choosing the right one can be a truly difficult endeavor. There are a huge range of pricing options available from downright cheap to mind-bogglingly pricy. There are varying levels of support offered as well. Are you new to the world of website ownership? Do you want to sort of grab you template and theme and go or are you a creative type who wants to play with features and really spend time building a unique site with multiple special features?

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How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

The main use of the website of a restaurant is to provide information about the restaurants to the people. Before visiting a restaurant, people often visit a website before entering a specific restaurant. A proper website proves to be best for the people as well as for the restaurant staff. The information provided by the website should be accurate and new updates should be added accordingly to the time.

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Making a Church Website with WordPress

Making a Church Website with WordPress

About 20% of the world’s websites are made by WordPress. It’s not very huge large number but it’s absolutely high. WordPress is powerful for making websites. Churches want an ordinary websites for church solutions so WordPress is best to make a website beneficial for the church employees and other users.

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