Optin Forms Plugin

Any time we talk about blogging, e-commerce or any other type of online business, it is essential for you to have a marketing strategy through e-mail, right from the start. E-mail marketing involves, first of all, creating a list of e-mails that belongs to people that might be interested in your business or in whatever you have to say. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is, of course, generating as many sales as possible and thus, obtaining a bigger profit. So, basically you want to convert these people into customers.

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Pippins Plugins – Game Changing Plugins

Pippin Williamson has been one of the leading authors at CodeCanyon for years. Several of his plugins are amongst the best selling CodeCanyon items of all time. The code in his plugins is clean and updated regularly to ensure that it’s fast and secure. Every plugin in his collection identifies a common issue or problem … Read more Pippins Plugins – Game Changing Plugins