Best WordPress Typography Plugins

Top WordPress Typography Plugins for 2017 Looking for a typography plugin for your WordPress site? You’ve come to the right place. The style of text on your site can actually have a huge impact on whether or not visitors stick around and come back in the future. Having good typography makes your site more attractive … Read more Best WordPress Typography Plugins

Top Rated Free Slider Plugins for WordPress

Improve Your UX With One of These Free Slider Plugins Sliders are a super addition to any WordPress site, bringing speed, ease-of-use, functionality and style wherever they are used. If you want to enhance your own site, choosing a great slider is a good way to start. Still, we understand that this may be easier … Read more Top Rated Free Slider Plugins for WordPress

Shopify for WordPress Review

Shopify for WordPress Review

For a long time now, WordPress users have been rather limited in their options when it comes to e-commerce. WooCommerce has held a monopoly over the market for many years, while a few other brands and plugins have their own sets of followers. Unfortunately, a lot of these plugins and services end up costing quite a lot of money to use.

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Popular WordPress Gallery Plugin Reviews

Find the Right Gallery Plugin for Your Website If you want to attract visitors to your WordPress site and turn them into loyal followers, aesthetics are important. Attractive and appealing images are absolutely vital to give your site a great look and help it stand out from the crowd. There’s a lot of competition online … Read more Popular WordPress Gallery Plugin Reviews

Top 5 Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins

Finding the Right Drag and Drop Page Builder

An increasing number of people all around the world are attempting to build their own websites each and every day. For a small percentage of people, the process of creating a website is easy, but for the majority, it can be an overwhelming and complicated process.

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Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Best Comment Plugins for WordPress for 2015

In order to help your WordPress site succeed, it’s important to cater to your audience by allowing them to make their voices heard. Communities help sites to really stand out from the crowd, and your choice of comment plugin can really make a big difference when users and visitors wish to post messages and share their thoughts with you and others. Other factors naturally come into play when attempting to build your own WordPress community, but the comment plugin is a great place to start so today we’ll take a look at some of the top plugins you can make use of.

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Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Responsive in 15 Minutes

How to Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly in 15 Minutes Even if you are using a responsive theme, you and your visitors may be better off with a dedicated mobile theme. In this article, we will discuss the fastest way to make your WordPress website responsive. In this Weekend WordPress Project, we’ll take a look … Read more Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Responsive in 15 Minutes

5 Plugins to Turn Your WordPress Website into an App

5 Plugins to Turn WordPress into a Mobile App

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the wild world of WordPress, and with good reason. That reason is an app called AppPresser. It’s great for people are trying to get their WordPress content via mobile device, but it’s very much geared toward developers and not the average user.

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FormCraft Plugin Review

FormCraft WordPress Contact Form Plugin Review

Do you own a WordPress site that requires one or more forms to be filled in by customers wishing to order something, readers who want to sign up for newsletters or for almost any other purpose? The latest version of the plugin FormCraft will make including customized forms for users to fill in a really easy process.

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