A Closer Look at the New WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Services

New WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Service

WebHostingPad recently unveiled a new line of WordPress hosting plans, set to launch at some point in the future. We don’t have any exact date because the company hasn’t specified one just yet, but these plans seem pretty fully-featured, so we don’t expect to have to wait too long until they launch. There are three plans, with prices starting as low as $2.99 for the most basic offering and rising up to just $5.99 for the most advanced plan.

The basic option brings support for five sites, while the top-end subscription will work with up to 25 sites. These plans offer a nice range of features including malware scanning, premium backups and SSD storage. The company states that its new WordPress plans are being built to provide the top levels of speed, security and reliability, so let’s take a closer look to see what exactly the WebHostingPad team is doing to bring that promise to life.


WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Service

First of all, let’s look at security. This is a big issue for many site owners, with people naturally wanting to keep their data safe from any possible attacks. All of the new WordPress plans from WebHostingPad come with automatic malware scanning and removal. The company claims that its scanning software will regularly search for any malware and immediately quarantine anything it finds.

The problem with this kind of automatic malware detection and removal is that it can sometimes cause bugs and problems with the functionality of the site. Fortunately, WebHostingPad will automatically email users when any malware is found, letting them take a look at their sites and ensure that everything is working smoothly.

If there are any problems, the site can be restored to full functionality using a backup. The provider will take weekly backups automatically, and you can schedule additional backups yourself if you like. We don’t have all of the details on this malware scanning service, so we don’t know exactly what program the company is using here. It could be a high-profile security agency, or it might be something simpler like regular cPanel protection software. Either way, it seems to be quite effective.

Whenever you upload something new to your site, it will be scanned and checked for any traces of malicious software. This includes themes and plugins, so you’ll be able to know whether or not the changes you make to your site are safe. As stated, when the software detects any problems, it will immediately quarantine the affected files and send out an email alert. From that moment, you’ll have 24 hours to fix the issue before the quarantined files are released.

Overall, the new security features for these WordPress plans seem decent, but what sort of speeds can you expect to get? While other WordPress hosting providers often offer full SSD hosting for the fastest speeds, WebHostingPad has preferred to keep things simpler by only using SSD technology for the database. This means that speeds might not be as fast as they could be, but it helps to keep the overall costs down. So if your budget can’t quite stretch to some of the pricier WordPress plans on the market, this could be the right choice for you. The speeds and performance offered by these plans still seem to be very impressive, so most users won’t even notice the difference.


WebHostingPad WordPress Support

The final feature to discuss is customer support. Right now, we can’t be entirely sure how this will work for the new WordPress plans. Normally, WebHostingPad outsources its support services, but does still manage to offer 24/7/365 support and promises to deal with all queries as quickly and efficiently as possible. The company makes use of a ticket system, as well as offering a large database of tutorials and guides to help people gain a better understanding of hosting and dealing with certain site issues. We can only expect this same level of service to continue with the WordPress plans, and the company has stated that WordPress-specific issues will be addressed like installing themes and plugins.

The big question about these new plans is can they match up to the regular sort of WordPress hosting that other brands are providing? This type of hosting often comes in either managed or unmanaged forms. Managed plans involve full support and optimization and prices can often be pretty high, while unmanaged plans are often cheaper and come with their own specific range of advanced WordPress features and options.

These plans certainly aren’t managed and don’t quite have the same selection of features as many others, but they are being offered at some truly attractive prices. The idea of being able to get fast, reliable, secure WordPress hosting for just $2.99 per month will entice plenty of people into signing up with WebHostingPad. We can’t say that these plans are going to be the fastest or most fully-featured, but they’re affordable and efficient, and that will certainly be enough for some.

Rackspace Hosting Goes Private

rackspaceThe seemingly unstoppable force of Amazon has forced another one of its competitors into seeking new ownership. Rackspace, the managed cloud computing company responsible for the creation of OpenStack, has just recently announced that a deal has been reached with private equity firm Apollo Global Management.

The total cost of the deal amounts to $4.3 billion, which equates to $32 for each share. Rackspace is the latest in a long line of companies to fall under the control of Apollo Global. Other big brands under the firm’s possession include Claire's, Caesars Entertainment Corporation and CORE Media Group.

Rumors have been rife for many years now that Rackspace was attempting to go private, but the company consistently attempted to retain its independency and keep up with its rivals. Unfortunately, the brand’s efforts were simply not sufficient to prevent this acquisition.

Why? Mainly because Rackspace has been competing with some of the biggest names on the planet, namely Amazon and Microsoft. In fact, Rackspace actually created the OpenStack project in the first place in order to help themselves and other companies keep up with the sheer power of Amazon Web Services.

What Is OpenStack?

OpenStack has proven to be the company’s finest success. It’s a completely free and open-source cloud operating system that allows companies to have their own data centers while making use of various cloud services and options, rather than being forced to stick to just one provider.

Essentially, OpenStack offers everything that Amazon Web Services doesn’t, and has a lot to offer its users. It’s no wonder that dozens of high-profile brands have decided to join up and make use of this system, including eBay, Intel, HP, Sony and NASA, who also helped to co-develop OpenStack in the first place. It’s a great system and can be managed via an online dashboard or command line tools.

Sadly for Rackspace, even an invention like OpenStack wasn’t strong enough to prevent the company from being bought out. The colossal might of giants like Amazon and Microsoft simply cannot be contested and things started to take a downturn a couple of years ago when Rackspace’s CEO, Lanham Napier, decided to leave the company.


The Future of Rackspace in this Industry

This event sparked a whole wave of rumors regarding the future of the brand, but Rackspace didn’t want to give up straight away. Companies value their independence and the freedom it provides, so it’s completely understandable that the folks at Rackspace were keen to keep on fighting.

It was at this point that the team decided to adopt a new strategy. Following the old adage “If you can’t beat them, join them”, Rackspace ceased its attempts to keep up with its big rivals and actually began trying to form partnerships with them.

First, the company teamed up with Microsoft and began trying to offer its support for the tech giant’s Azure cloud system. Afterwards, Rackspace went one step further and decided to join forces with Amazon, hoping to use its excellent public image and high quality customer service to help Amazon get more sales.

It was a smart plan, and it did actually work for quite some time. Indeed, Rackspace’s earnings reports were very positive in the early stages after its unions with Microsoft and Amazon. Unfortunately, that initial boost was quickly cancelled out and the brand’s profits once again started to drop.

As expected, the rumors of an impending started up once again and, this time, it seems as though those rumors were correct. Since the deal was confirmed, Rackspace representatives have revealed that over a dozen different investment firms were interested in purchasing the company, but Apollo Global Management seemed to be the perfect choice.

It’s certainly interesting to note that the brand decided to go private with a firm like Apollo, rather than being purchased by one of its big competitors or partners like Oracle or Amazon. The merger agreement itself was signed in late August and clearly represented the best possible course of action for the company.

The current president and CEO of the brand, Taylor Rhodes, revealed that he saw this moment as a significant opportunity to preserve the future of the brand. Rhodes emphasized that many companies nowadays are starting to make use of multi-cloud systems, which could spell a bright future for the cloud industry as a whole.

That said, the future of the industry remains significantly unclear. Some experts argue that Amazon has already become too great of a presence and that no other company, even giants like Google or Microsoft, will be able to compete in this particular industry.

Either way, the whole situation is particularly interesting and it will be fascinating to see how things play out over the weeks, months and years to come. The cloud has provided a veritable revolution and offers so much potential for expansion and development in the future. Now, it’s up to Rackspace and other companies to starting reaching that potential.

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Shared and WordPress Hosting Review

InMotion is a fast-growing hosting provider that has been generating a lot of positivity in recent times. New users are flocking to this company every day, with InMotion having a reputation of being equally popular with advanced and inexperienced users. The company itself got started way back in 2001 and has a lot of experience in the hosting industry, managing to remain completely independent and currently celebrating its 15th of existence. Having tested out InMotion’s services, we’re here to give you a full and frank assessment of this provider’s hosting solutions.

When searching for web hosting, there are several different factors you’ll probably be looking for. Customer support is often an important aspect of the service, so let’s begin there. Fortunately, InMotion does a really good job in this area. The company knows that not everyone has years of experience and qualifications in web development, and little hiccups problems can occur from time to time.

The brand therefore offers excellent support systems via email, chat, phone and tickets. Helpful and friendly members of staff are on hand to solve your issues and answer your queries. When a problem arises, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to wait for hours and hours to get some help.


Server and Hosting Performance Review

So the customer service is top notch, but how about the actual hosting performance? Well, we’re glad to report that InMotion doesn’t disappoint here either. When you sign up for some web hosting, you want reliability, speed and security for your site. We can measure the relative quality of any provider in lots of different ways, but it doesn’t really matter which test you use, as InMotion always comes out on top.

The company is able to boast of 99.99% uptime and we haven’t seen any indication of major downtime periods at all. Similarly, speeds have been proven to be very impressive with this provider. Unlike less scrupulous competitors, InMotion doesn’t cut any corners when trying to offer the best user experiences.

Moving on to the ease-of-use, the InMotion team does a fine job of making its hosting plans approachable and easy to understand. Each plan comes with cPanel access, with cPanel being the most common and intuitive user interface currently in use throughout the hosting industry. It’s a flexible system that new users will quickly be able to adapt to. Other providers force users to make separate cPanel accounts, but InMotion lets you handle everything from one single dashboard.

A handy one-click installer is also available directly from the dashboard, giving you everything you need right at your fingertips. Similarly, if ever your site grows too large for your current plan, you can upgrade your subscription with ease and rapidity, without having to perform any complicated procedures.


InMotion Has Your Back With a 90 Day Guarantee and Free Data Backups

Another big advantage of InMotion is that this company offers free data backups to protect your site in emergency situations. Plenty of other providers actually charge additional fees for backups, but the folks at InMotion know how important it can be to have the option to restore your data. Other handy features included in InMotion’s plans include free site transfers, Google Ads and Google Apps integration.

You’ll also benefit from a very impressive 90-day guarantee, providing you with a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the hosting services you have received. It’s rare to see such long guarantees, and this just goes to show how much faith this company has in its hosting solutions.


Plans and Pricing

The final big factor that every site owner needs to consider is price. Everyone has different budgets and the costs of plans can vary wildly from one provider to the next. InMotion’s pricing structure is fair, with basic plans being priced very cheaply, and more fully-featured options costing a little more than the average. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for in the hosting industry.

A high quality plan with InMotion might have a higher price tag than another company, but it will come with all of the excellent service and features mentioned above. If you want to benefit from top quality customer service, reliable performance and plenty of useful features, this provider could be just right for you.

InMotion offers a wide range of hosting solutions, including classic shared plans, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and even WordPress hosting. You can also choose to invest in site creation tools, domains and other useful services with this provider. Put simply, there’s a lot to like about InMotion. This company manages to tick all of the boxes and should satisfy the requirements of every site owner, from an individual blog runner to a large business in need of a dedicated plan.

Overall, we can’t find many flaws with the InMotion service and have had nothing but positive experiences with this company. The price point might be too high for some, but most of the plans remain perfectly affordable for the vast majority of users. The high standards of site performance and customer support are more than deserving of those few extra pennies.

Most Popular Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

It’s great that, in the modern world, anyone can start up and run their own website. Having your own online space is incredibly important, especially for people who want to try and sell products or services. Unfortunately, the whole process isn’t always easy. One of the biggest issues that many prospective site owners have to face is which hosting provider to choose.

When running a WordPress site, you have a huge array of options to choose from for your own hosting needs. Providers offer all sorts of different features and plans, with varying prices and a lot of different aspects to consider. The sheer quantity of providers can often overwhelm many site owners, so we’re here to help out with our own list of the very best companies that you can choose from today.

wpengine wordpress hosting


Why choose WPEngine? Well, this is one of the best companies currently working in the WordPress world. Load times are incredibly fast, the customer support service is unmatched, and the prices are very reasonable, with plans starting at just $29 per month.

It’s not the cheapest provider out there, but you do get what you pay for, and WPEngine goes above and beyond to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The brand’s highly-trained staff promise to keep your site running at top capacity at all times, as well as providing excellent security services to give you reassurance and peace of mind.



If you want to save some cash, but still want to enjoy the same quality of service that you’d expect from a more premium provider, SiteGround is the brand for you. This company has some of the lowest prices in the industry, with certain plans starting as low as $3.95 per month.

Fortunately, SiteGround doesn’t compromise on quality in order to offer such low prices. This brand runs an excellent customer support service, replying to the majority of questions and issues within just ten minutes. Extra bonus features you can enjoy with this provider include automatic installation, automatic updates, and solid security.

flywheel managed hosting


Flywheel has been specifically designed to suit web design fanatics, so if you work in that field or happen to have an interest in design or development, this might be the perfect company for you. Prices start at around $15 per month, but the real highlight of Flywheel is the smart dashboard and broad selection of features.

This provider offers excellent speeds, nightly backups, constant security checks and custom plans to allow you to only pay for the things you need. On the negative side, since Flywheel is built for design experts, it might be a bit too complex for novice users.

bluehost wordpress hosting


Bluehost is an affordable hosting provider, offering plans that start at just $12.49 per month. Even the simplest plan is packed with features and can support up to 100 million individual visits each month. This provider also offers round-the-clock support, excellent security, and super speeds thanks to its use of virtual private servers.

The enhanced cPanel offered by this provider is also a welcome bonus, but the number of features might be slightly disappointing for more advanced users. The price of your Bluehost plan can also add up quite quickly, so you might want to shop around if you have a limited budget.

pagely wordpress hosting

Pagely Hosting

Pagely is all about security. If the safety of your site and personal information is your number one concern, we have to recommend Pagely to you. This company does everything possible to keep your site as secure as possible, including daily backups and PressArmor technology. What’s more, Pagely can also boast of some of the most rapid loading speeds around, with pages loading as quickly as 0.09 seconds in some instances.

A wide array of features also helps to attract plenty of customers to this brand, which is especially popular with big businesses. The only criticism we can throw at Pagely is its pricing; the most basic plans cost $24 per month, but you’ll need to pay quite a lot more than that if you run a big site.

pressable wordpress hosting


The folks at Pressable strive to be the friendliest and most helpful people in the WordPress hosting industry. This company is built on the premise of treating every individual customer with the highest amount of care and respect. If you like getting fast, friendly responses to your queries and problems, this is a good provider to choose. Pressable can also boast of excellent performance results and good speeds.

Plan prices are a little on the expensive side, starting at $25 per month and going up from there, and even the biggest plans might not be powerful enough for the largest sites and businesses, but Pressable can still appeal to a very wide audience.

websynthesis wordpress hosting


WebSynthesis actually comes to use from CopyBlogger Media, creators of plenty of popular WordPress frameworks and plugins. The WebSynthesis staff know what they’re doing and make use of the latest NGINX technology to provide lightning-fast speeds without putting excessive pressure on your system resources.

The servers used by this provider are very reliable and can guarantee excellent uptime rates, while WebSynthesis also offers lots of good features and security tools to keep your site working well, all-year long. What’s the catch? Well, all of that performance does come at a price. The cheapest plans with this provider do cost $47 each month, so you’ll need a bit of extra cash if you want WebSynthesis to look after your WordPress site.

wordpress vip

WordPress VIP

If you run a small or medium-sized site, you will not at all be interested in WordPress VIP. Plans with this provider start at a whopping $5,000 per month. However, this company’s hosting is designed to handle anything you can throw at it. WordPress VIP deals with some of the biggest names in the world, handling the websites of giant companies like MSNBC or Time. Most people won’t be too interested in this provider, but if you are responsible for a large company and expect to receive huge amounts of traffic each day, this could be the best brand to meet your needs.

New WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Plans

WebHostingPad Introduces New, Affordable WordPress Hosting Plans
Popular hosting provider WebHostingPad has just unveiling some interesting new services for WordPress users. In total, three new plans have been added to the company’s catalog, with the cheapest plan currently costing $2.99 per month and the most expensive being priced at only $5.99 per month. (more…)

How to Install WordPress on Media Temple

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing WordPress

Media Temple is one of the finest hosting solution providers around these days, being renowned and loved for their affordable plans, high quality customer service and excellent offerings. At the same time, WordPress happens to be the most popular platform for website creation, with countless themes, plugins and options to make give every user almost limitless potential for creating their own unique site.

If you’re looking to get your own site started, these two companies should be at the top of your list, but how do you actually install WordPress on a Media Temple hosting plan? Well, we’re going to answer that question here today, and we’re pleased to report that it’s a very simple process.


Finding WordPress in Media Temple's Unique Dashboard

Media Temple is popular for a lot of reasons, but its ease-of-use and accessibility are two factors that really appeal to a wide audience. To that end, the Media Temple team has added a simple one-click installation feature to make WordPress integration as easy as possible. All you’ll need to do to begin is login and access your Account Center.

From this screen, you’ll want to click on the domain you wish to use with WordPress and then click on ‘1-Click Apps’, which is found in the box of ‘Add-Ons’. Next click on ‘New App’ and then you should see a description box for WordPress, along with an ‘Add’ button on the right. Click on that button and you’ll be taken to another screen.

On this next screen, you’ll be asked to enter the URL where you want to install WordPress. Here, it’s important to write your URL without the ‘www’ at the start. The ‘www’ isn’t actually necessary in this case, and could cause issues later on when people try to access your site via links. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be taken to the database settings. There, you should click on ‘New Database’ via the menu and insert your own title for the database.

You are also asked to enter a ‘Database Table Prefix’, which serves as a reminder to show you where your database is being linked to. At this stage of the process, you might encounter a pink box alerting you to a ‘Directory Conflict’, but you don’t need to worry. If that happens, simply click on the ‘Backup Content and Proceed’ button to carry on.

At that point, you’re pretty much done. All you need to do now is wait for the installation to finalize. You can check up on the latest progress of your installation via the Account Center on Media Temple. There should be a little ‘Pending Installation’ message written beneath your domain name in your Grid, and this will eventually change to ‘Finish Installation’.


Securing Your Account, Completing Installation and Firing Up WordPress

Once that happens, you are able to click on the icon to the right of the message to complete the process. Fortunately, Media Temple prevents you or anyone else from trying to access WordPress before the installation is complete. This helps with security and also prevents any errors from occurring.

As soon as that process is finally completed, you can gain access to the WordPress platform. You’ll be asked to enter a name for your blog, along with an email address at which you can be contacted. You can click on the ‘Install’ button to get WordPress fully up-and-running, and should only have to wait a few more minutes for everything to be finalized.

adding new wordpress app on media temple

Choosing a Username and Password

You will have to set up a username and password to access WordPress, and here we encourage you to be very careful and select some secure login details for your account, for safety and security reasons.

If someone else is able to guess your password or login to your account, they can alter your webpages or change your entire site at will, even deleting your content or accessing private information. It is therefore vital for you to choose a secure password, ideally made up of both numbers and letters, along with a username that would be hard for anyone to guess. This is the best way to keep all of your site and data as safe as possible. Also be sure to note down your password and username if you think you might forget them, but keep that note in a safe place.

When these simple steps have been completed, you’ll be fully free to access all of the features and functionality of the WordPress world, while also benefitting from the power and speed of Media Temple’s hosting plans. The whole process shouldn’t have taken you more than ten minutes, giving you plenty of time to get started creating your site and developing your own content.

Remember to fully explore the WordPress library and look through the various themes and plugins available. WordPress comes with countless options, and it’s up to you to choose the right elements to make your site as successful and appealing as possible.

WiredTree VPS Hosting Review

WiredTree VPS Hosting Our Top Rated VPS Host From 2015

If you’re in need of VPS hosting, one provider you might be considering is WiredTree. This company was founded back in 2006 and has developed a positive reputation for offering great customer service and fantastic server management.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the various features and services offered by WiredTree to help you decide whether or not this provider is the right one for your site. This company is based in Chicago, Illinois and prides itself on offering tailor-made plans to suit every one of its individual users. If that idea appeals to you, then this is certainly a provider to consider. (more…)

JustHost Shared Hosting Review

Is JustHost EIG's Best Shared Hosting Value?

There are so many different shared hosting providers out there nowadays that it can be very confusing and overwhelming for the average site owner to make a decision. Each provider has its own services and features to offer, but when we review a site we try to compare features of hosts in similar categories. As a site owner, you need to think about the things that matter the most to you and identify a provider that prioritizes those aspects. (more…)

CloudFlare vs MaxCDN - Performance Review and Comparison

Comparing CloudFlare and MaxCDN

Choosing the right CDN (Content Delivery Network) is an essential part of owning a website in 2016. There are several CDN providers out there, with CloudFlare and MaxCDN being two of the biggest names in the business. Both of these providers offer a range of excellent services and features, but are unique in their own ways, so it can be hard to decide which one is truly best for your site.

Today, we’ll take a look at both CloudFlare and MaxCDN, identifying the advantages of each CDN service in order to help you choose between them. A CDN, made up of many different servers all around the world, can really give your site an impressive speed boost. This will really encourage your visitors to stick around and become loyal customers, so it’s truly vital to select the best network.

cloudflare performance review

CloudFlare Performance Overview

Let’s begin by taking a look at the unique aspects of the CloudFlare service. This CDN can boast of 31 separate data centers spread all across the globe. The majority of these centers are located in highly-populated areas around Europe and the United States, but some can also be found in countries like Chile, South Africa and Japan. As an added bonus, CloudFlare also runs its own site providing information about every single center.

This way, you’ll be the first to know about any problems or performance issues with your center of choice. CloudFlare also goes to great lengths to help improve the performance of your site. It offers features like browser caching, minification, JavaScript bundling and more to make your site fully optimized.

CloudFlare's Added Security

Not only that, but CloudFlare also places a big focus on security. Every site owner and user wants their data to remain as secure as possible, so this is a very important factor to consider when choosing a CDN. CloudFlare offers tools to deal with bots, spamming, DDoS attacks and more. To even gain access to CloudFlare, you have to modify your DNS settings to match theirs.

This means that every time a visitor wants to access your site, they have to pass through the secure CloudFlare systems. This helps to prevent any malicious hacking attacks from taking place on your site and keeps your content secure.

Aside from that, other advantages of CloudFlare include the fact that it is quite easy to use and navigate. It doesn’t take too long to get set up with this CDN and the settings pages are nicely broken up into simple and advanced menus. Novice owners won’t need to change anything, while technical experts can easily find additional settings to configure for extra security or performance advantages.

CloudFlare CDN also comes with a great analytics section that shows you lots of data about your site’s traffic. You can learn all about your visitors and identify the location of any hackers or bots as well. CloudFare also comes with a few dozen apps to provide you with extra features, should you need them.

maxcdn performance review

MaxCDN Performance Overview

Now let’s look at MaxCDN. This network is made up of 57 data centers, nearly twice the amount of CloudFlare. Again, most of these centers are spread across the continents of Europe and North America. MaxCDN currently has no centers in Africa or South America, but that could change in the near future. Every center makes use of the latest technologies like SSD storage to provide the fastest speeds possible.

To make use of this CDN on a WordPress site, you have to install a caching plugin. There are many to choose from and a lot of them work very reliably. It’s important to choose the right plugin though, as each one opens up different settings for use with MaxCDN. WP Rocket, for example, gives you four different options for CDNs, while W3 Total Cache offers twenty.

CloudFlare Account Options

A big advantage of MaxCDN is control. CloudFlare does give you a nice array of options but MaxCDN goes much deeper than that. This service actually allows you to store your cached files on their own separate domain. There, they will be split into groups like Pull Zones, Push Zones or Vod Zones and can be viewed, modified or deleted. You can also view reams of data about your files to help you analyze the ways in which people use your site.

This sort of information can be invaluable for advanced users and could help you to make vital changes to the way in which your business works. On the downside, this CDN service does not offer the same sort of security features as CloudFlare. It has a few basic options to use with your apps, but it won’t take any special measures to guard your site against hacking, spamming or DDoS attacks.

We’ve looked at the features, now let’s compare the prices. CloudFlare comes with four separate plans, one of which is entirely free. This is a big bonus for the provider and appeals to a lot of users. The Free plan comes with great features like analytics, SSL support and as much bandwidth as you need. However, to access the best features you’ll need to pay.

maxcdn testimonials

MaxCDN Pricing Overview

The monthly fee for the Pro plan starts at $20, the Business plan costs $200 and the Enterprise plan is $5,000. MaxCDN runs a different system wherein you pay for the bandwidth you use. You can therefore choose a plan with a set amount of bandwidth, depending on the amount of traffic you expect to receive. You can also pay extra to make use of international centers.

Overall, both of these CDN services have plenty of offer and they are each very different to one another. If speed and security are among your top concerns then CloudFlare is clearly the best choice. However, if you are an advanced user who appreciates a high level of control and advanced caching capabilities then MaxCDN is the right network for you. It’s also worth pointing out that MaxCDN generally seems to have better ratings for its customer support, so this could be an important factor to consider. You might even want to enjoy the advantages of both providers by using them together.

Top WordPress Hosting Solutions for 2016

Our Top Rated WordPress Hosting Solutions Heading Into for 2016

Nowadays, countless people are setting up and running their own websites. From individuals looking to share their thoughts via a blog to big businesses who want to build up their user base through social media marketing, the internet is a vital resource that simply cannot be ignored. When you decide to set up a website, choosing the right hosting provider is a very important step of the process.

The vast majority of people do not have the time or technical knowhow to organize their own web hosting, so countless providers have appeared to look after your site for you. This is especially true for WordPress users, with the WP platform offering people a quick and easy way to get their own site up-and-running in minutes.

The most important thing to do when trying to select the right provider and plan for you is to identify the needs of your site. Think about the factors that matter the most to you and choose an affordable plan that can reliable fulfill your requirements. There are a lot of different site owners out there, with each of them valuing different things above others.

For example, you might be the sort of person who has quite a lot of technical knowledge, so you can feel free to invest in a plan with plenty of freedom and control afforded to you. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or skills to look after each aspect of your site on a daily basis, it’s worth choosing a provider who offers high levels of customer support. Today, we’ll take a look at five of the best WordPress hosting providers for different types of clients.


Keep it Cheap and Simple With GoDaddy

For almost every site owner, price is a major factor of consideration. If you’re the sort of person who wants to pay the lowest amount possible for reliable service and great customer support, GoDaddy could be the brand of choice for you. GoDaddy hosting plans start from just a few dollars per month and offer a good array of features and bonuses that should interest most site owners.

This is a rapidly developing web hosting provider who has really started to make a name for itself, particularly in terms of customer support. There are lots of little things that can go wrong with a site from time to time, so it’s important to have experts on hand to help you when you need them. GoDaddy has plenty of staff working in its call center and is dedicated to keeping every client satisfied.

flywheel  hosting review going into 2016

When FlyWheel Makes the Most Sense

If you’re the sort of person who simply isn’t into computing and doesn’t understand or want to learn every individual facet of website management, Flywheel could be the hosting provider for you. In this day and age, websites are not exclusively owned and operated by tech professionals.

People from all walks of life are setting up their own WordPress sites on a daily basis, but many of them don’t have the time or inclination to really get into development. The team at Flywheel has specifically gone to great lengths to target these people. Flywheel offers simplicity in every aspect of its service. From the way you pay for your subscription to the intuitive user interface, everything has been made with user-friendliness in mind.

On the other hand, you might be the sort of person who has a high level of technical expertise. You may be a developer who wants full access to all of the advanced options and features that the majority of site owners ignore. In this case, we have to recommend Pagely. This provider just recently transferred its entire infrastructure to Amazon.

At the same time, individual parts of this infrastructure were opened up to clients. This means that Pagely now offers a huge amount of options that you simply wouldn’t be able to find with other providers. If you want access to HHVM and high availability clusters, along with advanced security features like real-time malware scans and frequent backups, Pagely is the provider to choose.

siteground wordpress hosting solutions

Looking Towards SiteGround and WPEngine for 2016

We also have to mention SiteGround, a great hosting provider who works to offer affordable solutions with plenty of options. If you’re a developer or simply want access to a wide array of features, SiteGround will be the right choice for you.

This is one of the very few providers out there today who offers countless advanced options to its users. If you want to modify and investigate things like SSL support, staging sites or Git integration, SiteGround is right for you. This provider is also well-reputed for its exceedingly low prices, so it’s absolutely ideal for site owners trying to work on a budget.

We’ve looked at four different providers for four different types of people. However, some site owners don’t necessarily have such strict requirements. Certain people don’t feel the need to prioritize something like support or price over something else like accessibility or a wide range of options.

If you’re the sort of site owner who simply wants to find a reliable hosting provider with a good range of services and decent prices, the best general recommendation we can provide is WPEngine. This provider is entirely dedicated to the WordPress platform and offers an array of plans to suit every owner. If you want hosting that’s affordable, dependable and reasonably rich in features, WPEngine is the right choice.

Our Top 10 Rated Shared Hosting Providers Heading into 2016

Top 10 Rated Shared Hosting Providers Heading Into 2016

In the modern world, it’s almost impossible for a business to be successful without a website. Everyone is online, using an increasingly large number of devices from smartphones to tablets to access the internet and discover new products and services to invest in.

You can take advantage of this phenomenon to spread the world about your business in brand new ways and get in touch with your clients on a deeper level than ever before. However, running a website can be a tricky process, complete with a variety of dilemmas.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is which hosting provider to choose. With a lot of providers out there, you need to be sure of making the right decision. When searching for a shared hosting provider, you’ll have to think about the features your site is going to need. Finding a provider who offers a website builder as part of the subscription package can be a big advantage for example.

You might also choose to prioritize providers who value things like customer support or ease of use above all else. In this article we’ll go through some of the best shared providers out there and help you find the right one for you.


Our first hosting provider today is SiteGround. The prices with this provider start at $9.95, but it’s worth looking beyond that when you see the excellent customer service and strong security options that this provider has to offer. You might not get all of the latest features with a SiteGround subscription, but this is a provider you can trust.

a small orange shared hosting

A Small Orange

Many people are surprised to hear that this site is actually hosted on an A Small Orange shared server. ASO shared hosting packages have been the definition of great value for the better part of the last half-decade. For well under $5 per month you can host 1 to an unlimited number of WordPress websites, and enjoy speed and reliability that matches up well with the most expensive hosting solutions in this industry. For our visitors finding this website in the UK, check out one of our other partners and ASO sister-company HostNine.

InMotion Hosting

With prices starting at just $3.49, InMotion offers some of the best managed WordPress hosting in the business. If you run a WordPress site, you’ll find to hard to pick a better provider than InMotion. This company also runs excellent shared packages in general and provides its users with a good array of site building tools. If you’d rather not spend extra cash on site building software, InMotion is a great choice.

inmotion shared hosting price and plans


HostGator has been specially designed for users who simply do not have the time or desire to spend hours and hours managing their sites. In the modern age, lots of people have sites but very few of them have the technical knowhow to manage their sites effectively. HostGator goes to great lengths to help these people out. If you want a provider who prioritizes simplicity and ease of access, this is the one for you. Plans start at the very low price of just $3.48.


If, on the other hand, you’re a developer or more advanced user, you might want to find a provider who offers plenty of admin features and deeper layers of options. DreamHost is the perfect choice for this type of user. Not only does this provider offer great prices, with plans starting at just $4.95, but it also targets developers by offering plenty of higher-level options and features. If you’re more than familiar with the basics of site building and migration, this is a great provider for you.

bluehost shared hosting reviews


Another good low-cost option is Bluehost. This provider’s plans can cost as little as $3.49. Bluehost also gives you the tools you need to make a great-looking and reliable website in mere minutes. On the downside, this provider’s plans don’t have the biggest range of features out there, but that might not be a deal-breaker for some site owners.


Liquid’s subscription plans are among the most expensive on our list today, with prices beginning at $14.95. However, there is a very good reason for this provider’s higher prices, which is that Liquid is mainly designed for enterprise users. This company deals with big businesses and popular websites, offering countless features and top notch customer support to help these sites remain reliable at all times. It might cost a bit more to purchase a plan with Liquid, but the advantages could be worth it.

godaddy shared hosting plans


If you favor customer service above any other factor, GoDaddy could be the best hosting provider for your site. Running a website can be difficult, with numerous problems and queries being sure to arise for the majority of site owners. The team at GoDaddy will always be there to respond to your questions. This provider offers email, live chat and phone help at any time of day or night. GoDaddy also offers a smart site builder and some other neat features to set it apart from the crowd.


HostMonster is another provider, just like GoDaddy, which tries to offer the best customer experience possible. This provider also tries to appeal to inexperience users by making the whole process very straightforward. Unfortunately, this does all come at a slightly higher price than the competition, with HostMonster’s plans starting at $6.95.

hostwinds shared hosting review


Hostwinds offers a good mixture of hosting options, but really excels in the VPS department. If this type of hosting suits your business, Hostwinds is one of the best providers you could possibly choose. It also has a smart user interface and a nice array of features that should cater well to both novice and advanced users. Plans with Hostwinds start from just $4.50.

FlyWheel Review

FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting Review

In the modern world, owning your own website is becoming more and more important. Whether you’re simply an individual looking to share some blog posts and photographs or a big corporation that wants to build an online userbase, the benefits of having a website are vast and varied. WordPress is the most popular platform of choice, with countless new sites being built with WP technology each day. As the popularity of this platform continues to rise, web hosting providers are starting to offer more specialized packages, tailor-made for WordPress users. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one such example: FlyWheel.

FlyWheel launched back in 2012 with the sole aim of the company being to provide the best experiences possible for WordPress web designers and developers. The company has since made a name for itself as a reliable provider, offering excellent software and top notch support to countless happy customers.

Meet FlyWheel: Built for Designers, Perfect for You.

Despite the fact that FlyWheel markets its services towards designers, regular business owners can also benefit from FlyWheel’s services too. If you do happen to be a developer or designer, this really is the perfect option for you. FlyWheel offers brilliant organization services, one-click updates, simple collaboration techniques for you and your team, and plenty more great features.

flywheel-reviewFor the typical user, this provider offers all of the features and advantages you could possibly hope for, including free site migration, nightly backups, brilliant security features, the choice of 10 different data centers and great customer support options. When compared to some of the other leading WordPress hosting providers, FlyWheel performs more than admirably. For a relatively low price, especially compared to some of the high-profile providers in the business, you’ll be getting a great hosting plan that works very well on any WordPress site.

Now let’s take a look at how one goes about signing up with FlyWheel. This process can be complicated and time-consuming with other providers, but the FlyWheel team have made the whole thing as straightforward as possible. New users simply need to sign-up and enter some basic information. After that, they’ll be taken straight to the intuitive dashboard and can get started with site management.

The dashboard itself is really well made. It has a clean design and lets you see the information you need without trawling through reams of menus and tabs. To modify your site, you can simply click on it. You’ll then be able to see various important bits of information like the stats of your site, a general overview, a list of add-ons, backups and an array of advanced options too.

Collaboration on FlyWheel

For designers and developers, the way in which collaboration is handled by FlyWheel will really appeal. The process has been fully simplified and you can even manage individual collaborators directly from your own account. This gets rid of all of the usual hassle associated with dealing with multiple accounts and passwords. All you need to do is invite the people you wish to collaborate with. They’ll then be able to set up their own accounts and get started on the site. This offers a much greater level of control to you as a user and saves a lot of time too.

Now let’s talk about another key issue for every site owner: performance. Unlike other providers, FlyWheel doesn’t record uptime statistics, but users have run their own tests and been very pleased with the results. Even on poorly-optimized sites, FlyWheel offers excellent speeds that should please most users. If you take the time to properly optimize your site, you’ll be able to enjoy some very reliable and impressive performance statistics with this provider. Loading times with FlyWheel have proven to be incredibly quick and this means that your visitors won’t have any trouble navigating your site.


A Look at FlyWheel Plans and Prices

Taking a look at the various plans and prices available, FlyWheel essentially splits its plans into two different categories. The first set is designed for people running a single site. The most basic plan, called the Tiny plan, costs just $15 per month and offers 5GB of disk space and 250GB of bandwidth. This plan can support up to 5000 visitors per month, so it’s perfect for smaller sites or simple blogs.

The provider then offers incremental upgrades for its Personal and Professional plans. The former is $30/month and supports up to 25,000 visits each month while the latter is $75/month and can support up to 100,000 visits. It’s good to see a nice range of options available, helping you choose the right plan for your site without having to overspend on services you don’t need.


If you need support for multiple WordPress sites, you may be interested in one of FlyWheel’s bulk plans. There are two of these plans. The first is called Freelancer and costs $100/month. This plan allows you to have hosting on 10 WordPress installs and comes with huge amounts of bandwidth and disk space. The second, and most expensive plan, is called Agency and costs $250 each month. The Agency plan works with up to 30 installs and comes with suitable amounts of storage and bandwidth. You can also choose to add on extra features like CDN, SSL support and more for small extra fees, or you could even decide to create your own custom plan.

Overall, FlyWheel is a very impressive hosting provider. The service they offer is fast and reliable. In addition to that, it’s also very easy to get to grips with the FlyWheel dashboard and systems, so you won’t be wasting time learning lots of new tricks and techniques. To make the whole package even more attractive, FlyWheel also offers a range of excellent customer support options. You can get in touch with their support team via live chat, phone or email, and responses tend to be very fast. This is certainly a provider worth considering if you’re in need of some managed WordPress hosting.