Reviews for the Top WordPress Cacheing Plugins

Reviewing the Top WordPress Caching Plugins for 2016

When it comes to running your own website, speed is everything. If your site isn’t fast enough, people will simply move on and use a different business. Statistics show that visitors simply don’t return to sites which load slowly or lag. Speed even affects search engine rankings too; Google will now give pride of place in its search results to the fastest sites, leaving the slow ones behind. Therefore, if you want to keep up with your rivals and stay competitive, you need to maximize your site’s speed. To do this, you need to make use of caching plugins.

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Improve Your Content Marketing for 2016

Do Better Content Marketing for 2016 No matter whether your business is small or large, content marketing is vital in the modern world. With so many sites competing for customers’ attention, your marketing strategy can be enough to make or break your business. Not everyone can afford to run their own ads or organize large-scale … Read more Improve Your Content Marketing for 2016

Introducing Media Temple Managed Hosting Solutions

Why Webmasters are Moving to Media Temple

Many companies have the creative ability and enough technical know-how to operate their own website, but very few can manage their own server. This is where Media Temple steps in allowing you to harness the power of a dedicated server, without having to have the technical know-how to maintain it. Whether you need managed WordPress hosting, fully managed cloud services, or the power of dedicated hosting without the hassle with managed VPS hosting, Media Temple’s managed hosting solutions are second to none.

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How to Start a Photography Blog

So You Want to Start a Photography Blog?

With the latest advancements in technology, more and more people are getting interested in starting their own photography blogs. Nearly all of us walk around with smartphones and super cameras that can take some incredible photos in everyday life and it can be very fulfilling to share these images with other people from around the world. On a smaller level, a photography blog can simply be used to share images from your life with friends and family, or you could even use a blog from an entirely personal perspective as a great and secure way to store your photographic files. To make things even more interesting, you can share stories and blog posts describing the backgrounds behind your images.

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Elegant Themes Review

Complete Elegant Themes and Plugins Review It’s becoming harder to find original, high-quality and inexpensive themes. Below is a summary of the best premium themes that we found on the market, all for a reasonable price. The Elegant Theme shop is owned by Nick Roach and for $69, you get unlimited access to more than … Read more Elegant Themes Review

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

Write a WordPress post today and publish it at a future date with just a few clicks.
A lot of people who start off using WordPress don’t realize that there’s actually in incredibly useful and somewhat hidden feature that allows you to schedule posts. Even a lot of people who have been using WordPress for a long time are sometimes surprised to learn exactly how easy it is and never had any idea that this feature was even available. Contrary to very popular belief, you don’t actually need an entirely separate plugin just to schedule your posts. All you need to do is change a few settings before you’ve submitted the post to go public, and we’re here to show you exactly how to go about accessing this schedule.

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Media Temple Virb Site Builder Review

Review of the Media Temple Virb Site Builder

Creating a website will no longer be a headache to any aspiring photographer, designer, artisan or more. On the making Media Temple offers the best options available to create the perfect website. Through Virb any professional creative have an opportunity to build their own online portfolio and even get their brand online. All of this easily done with the presence of a very easy-to use admin and many customizable themes made to take care of every detail needed by the client.

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Introducing HostNine Shared Hosting from $3.45

There are so many companies that do website hosting that it is hard to know which one to choose. If you want a web host that offers excellent security, a choice of flexible plans to suit your needs and grow with you as needed and a caring professional team that really works hard to support their customers and help them reach their full potential as website owners than look no further than HostNine Shared Hosting.

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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your WordPress Site

A website is nothing without viewers who visit the site and interact with all of the features it provides. All of the hard work you put into building your website will be for naught if no one reads it. The ability to interact with viewers is invaluable in attracting viewers to your website and retaining return viewers.

Good content is the first step in attracting and retaining viewers. However, even the best quality content is useless if it doesn’t meet the needs and interests of your viewers.

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Featured Product: A Small Orange Dedicated Servers

A Small Orange is a homegrown hosting company offering vivid ranges of hosting plans and web services to those who desire to get the most of a server at the lowest of prices. The dedicated servers from A Small Orange provide the ultimate hosting experience. With almost infinite customization options available, your hosting environment can … Read more Featured Product: A Small Orange Dedicated Servers