Sites of the Month November 2017

Welcome to WPCaddy's newest feature, a website of the month article that showcases web designs that we love from around the net. Each month we will identify some categories and websites worth of being featured on the website.

These websites are being featured for their unique design, eye for usability, and great content. The categories and winners will change each month, so make sure you subscribe to see who wins in December.

Category - News

The Intercept

The Intercept publishes engaging political and news articles through a website that simply looks better than anything else out there. From the floating and expanding menu that blends perfectly with sharing icons on individual posts, to the typography and custom photos and graphics, the user experience is unparalleled.

While the homepage is well thought out and looks amazing, our favorite part of this design are the individual posts and articles. Everything from the header, to the related articles, to the subscription and comments boxes are so well thought out and designed.

Category - Event

Kik Festival

To be honest, we had no idea what the Kik Festival was prior to it winning site of the day on Awwwards back in November. It's easy to see why this is an award winning design, as the website features one of the most breathtaking home pages we can remember seeing. Here is how Kikk describes itself:

KIKK is an international festival of digital and creative cultures. Its interest lies in the artistic and economic implications of new technologies.

A unique blend of colors and motion lay behind the head of a giant ape of all things on the landing page. Also in the background is a fishing boat, and some seagulls that fly around the landing page. The bold, unique colors are maintained as the user moves between the website's subpages.

Category - Sports

The Daily Audible

The Daily Audible is a website that the fantasy enthusiasts on our staff have frequented for years and demanded that we include on this list. It takes on a unique twist to WordPress with an eye for design and readability.

Like The Intercept, the focus on The Daily Audible is clearly put on the user experience and readability. Content is king here. Posts are cleverly laid out and written, presenting the daily fantasy user with the information they are looking for in the easiest to use format.

Our favorite aspect of the website has to be the unique homepage hero slider. This, like the rest of this website, keeps the content in the foreground, as it uses negative space to allow the user to navigate through the site's featured articles.

Category - Business

FedEx SoundTrack

We love when staple companies, business that help form the foundation for American culture, get creative and do something unique. This is the case with FedEx's latest design project, SoundTrack.

SoundTrack allows the user to experience a packages journey through sound. It loads with an extremely unique hero graphic that has the states outlined with what is essentially soundbar pixels bouncing up and down on the screen.

The user is able to enter their package's tracking number, and load it's unique soundtrack. The website matches sound and tone to the weather in each of your package's stops, then allows you to track it as it's flown and driven across the country. It's a unique take on something that the industry used to struggle with, tracking a package.

Category - Studio

The Great Agency

The Great Agency, based out of Paris, France, recently redesigned their website, and we are digging it. The new design is heavy on typography and readability, and low on flashy elements that distract from their brand and message.

The most unique feature on the site is it's page layout and transitions, which is brilliant because the flash is in places that don't distract the user from the brand's message.

The selected work, or portfolio page, allows you to browse through their past project in a horizontal layout. Selecting an individual project to load brings forward a full screen layout with about 20 difference unique sections that give you a thorough rundown on the project. Easily one of our favorite designs we have ever seen in this category.

Category - Shop

Nike Shop

Listen, we are not going to start this article off with any other shop. Nike have always been innovators when it comes to eCommerce. Their website has always looked phenomenal and functioned way ahead of it's time. This would be like creating a smartphone article and leaving off the iPhone, Nike has always been and will always be pioneers in the industry.

Their current design is clean, minimal, yet does an unbelievable job of highlighting individual products while allowing the user to navigate quickly and easily to whatever it is they are looking for.

Individual product pages are well thought out with individual images in a stacked gallery to the left that open in a lightbox when clicked. Product details, pricing, and options are in the right third of the screen, brilliantly using all available space to perfect the UX. Well done once again

Reviews for the Top WordPress Cacheing Plugins

Reviewing the Top WordPress Caching Plugins for 2016

When it comes to running your own website, speed is everything. If your site isn’t fast enough, people will simply move on and use a different business. Statistics show that visitors simply don’t return to sites which load slowly or lag. Speed even affects search engine rankings too; Google will now give pride of place in its search results to the fastest sites, leaving the slow ones behind. Therefore, if you want to keep up with your rivals and stay competitive, you need to maximize your site’s speed. To do this, you need to make use of caching plugins. (more…)

Improve Your Content Marketing for 2016

Do Better Content Marketing for 2016

No matter whether your business is small or large, content marketing is vital in the modern world. With so many sites competing for customers’ attention, your marketing strategy can be enough to make or break your business. Not everyone can afford to run their own ads or organize large-scale marketing campaigns. That’s where content marketing comes in. This form of marketing uses your own content to promote your site.

It’s all dependent on you and your staff making interesting and exciting pieces of content that lots of people will be interested in seeing. Essentially, this is a free form of marketing that will help you generate new leads and get more visitors to your site. Today we’ll be looking at some of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your content marketing campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.03.14 AM

What is Content Marketing and How Can You Benefit?

As the name suggests, content marketing is all about content. This means that the first and most important tip to improve the effectiveness of your own marketing is to produce the best content possible. This can be difficult for some people; the internet is filled with content and it can be hard to produce new and interesting pieces. To help you out, we would advise not getting too concerned with choosing the right subject or overanalyzing your texts.

Just keep it simple. Think about the visitors to your site and ask yourself what sort of content those people would like to see. You could even run a survey or check out the comments on your pages to get your visitors’ opinions. Once you identify the needs of your audience, you can respond to them with tailor-made content.

Content Marketing and WordPress

Another great tip for WordPress users in particular is to make use of a great theme. Choosing the right theme for your site can really make a big difference to your traffic levels. There are lots of great themes out there that will help to attract new people to your site and keep them coming back. One great example is the Total Content Marketing theme.

This theme is reliable, works quickly and has a sleek and modern style. It won’t cost you too much money and comes with lots of different options and features. Whether you choose to use this theme or another one altogether, it’s important to make your site look as attractive as possible for potential customers and followers.

A big part of content marketing is sharing your content via social media networks. It’s therefore important to promote your site on the big networks like Facebook and Twitter. No matter whether you’re running a simple photography blog or a website for a huge company, social media is one of the best ways to get in touch with your followers.

You can share any new content you create on these sites and even add share buttons to your various webpages. This way, your visitors themselves will be able to share and promote your site with the click of a button. A great plugin for WordPress users is called Social Warfare. This plugin will allow you to add social media buttons to your site and helps to optimize your content sharing with preset Twitter quotes and other great features.

content marketing data

Keeping Users Engaged... Make a Schedule and Stick to It

You shouldn’t just focus on upping the quality of your content, you also need to stick to a schedule as well. Depending on the size of your site and business, you should be posting one or more new posts on a daily basis. Too many site owners start off in a zealous way, posting dozens of articles in the early weeks of a site’s life. Afterwards, these people tend to lose interest and forget to post new content.

If you want to build up a loyal following of customers, you need to keep them interest with fresh updates. Develop your own posting schedule and try to stick to it each day. You could even make use of the Editorial Calendar plugin which will help you schedule posts and stay organized. This plugin is completely free and very handy to have installed.

Email's Role in a Successful Content Marketing Plan

You also shouldn’t overlook the email side of content marketing. Even if social media is dominating the headlines, email marketing is still very important. You should therefore add a simple contact or signup form to your site in order to get the email addresses of your clients and visitors. Afterwards, you’ll be able to send these people newsletters and updates.

If you’re a WordPress user looking for a great mail plugin, give MailChimp a try. This is a completely free and very popular plugin that will organize your mailing lists and even automatically send out newsletters and other messages for you.

There are several other useful plugins that every WordPress site owner should consider installing to improve the efficiency of their content marketing strategies. The first is CoSchedule. This premium plugin is similar to Editorial Calendar; it will help you organize a posting schedule and also includes social media integration. This plugin is easy to use and is a big timesaver for busy business owners.

Instead of running multiple plugins and organizing a variety of calendars for the different sites you use, CoSchedule lets you handle everything from one dashboard. Another good plugin is Google Analyticator. This is free and will let you view the statistics of your site, helping you adjust your marketing methods to suit the trends of your site. Finally, we can also recommend Sprout Social. This lets you see how effective your social media marketing is. It comes with lots of features and allows you to target your audience more directly.

Introducing Media Temple Managed Hosting Solutions

Why Webmasters are Moving to Media Temple

Many companies have the creative ability and enough technical know-how to operate their own website, but very few can manage their own server. This is where Media Temple steps in allowing you to harness the power of a dedicated server, without having to have the technical know-how to maintain it. Whether you need managed WordPress hosting, fully managed cloud services, or the power of dedicated hosting without the hassle with managed VPS hosting, Media Temple's managed hosting solutions are second to none. (more…)

How to Start a Photography Blog

So You Want to Start a Photography Blog?

With the latest advancements in technology, more and more people are getting interested in starting their own photography blogs. Nearly all of us walk around with smartphones and super cameras that can take some incredible photos in everyday life and it can be very fulfilling to share these images with other people from around the world. On a smaller level, a photography blog can simply be used to share images from your life with friends and family, or you could even use a blog from an entirely personal perspective as a great and secure way to store your photographic files. To make things even more interesting, you can share stories and blog posts describing the backgrounds behind your images. (more…)

Elegant Themes Review

Complete Elegant Themes and Plugins Review

Elegant Themes Review
  • Quality of Themes
  • Quality of Support
  • Theme Designs
  • Overall Value

Elegant Themes Summary

It's my opinion that the developer package from Elegant Themes is the best overall value in the WordPress industry. With the developer package, you get access to their complete collection of themes and plugins.

This is the easiest, most affordable way to guarantee that you are getting a WordPress theme that perfectly fits your needs, is well documented and supported, and will always remain updated and functional.

It’s becoming harder to find original, high-quality and inexpensive themes. Below is a summary of the best premium themes that we found on the market, all for a reasonable price.

The Elegant Theme shop is owned by Nick Roach and for $69, you get unlimited access to more than 86 premium WordPress themes, which includes every theme released for the following year.

Here are a few highlights that are included with your purchase:

elegant themes members

Elegant Themes Review – Best Premium Themes Club for WordPress. Each theme comes with tools for customization, SEO optimization and incredible WordPress functionality.

1. Features Overview
Beyond the basic functionality, your theme club purchase also includes:

2. Support and Updates
As a member of Elegant Themes, you can be assured that your theme will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. You also get access to premium support channels. We recently published a detailed article rating the support services provided by Elegant Themes. To find out how the company fared read our Elegant Themes support evaluation.
3. New Stylish Themes every month
Every month Nick adds a theme or two. Visit the Elegant Themes Blog to see the updates about these new themes.

4. The Price
If you look at other theme shops (ThemeForest and Mojo-Themes), you’ll notice that you get two or three themes for $69, whereas with Elegant Themes, you get the whole package for that same price.

5. Responsive Design
Most of the Elegant Themes have a fully responsive design that will adapt to the user’s variable screen size or device type. Your website will display beautifully and intuitively no matter what type of device is being used.

6. Elegant Themes Review – Best Premium Themes Club For WordPress

elegant themes theme portfolio

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market. It’s receiving rave reviews from just about everyone in the industry. Check out everything you need to know about the Divi theme in our extensive review.

Nexus is one of the more stylish and complex themes available. It’s a powerful magazine theme to showcase your most recent articles in a media-rich format. Categorize your blog posts, create reviews, and showcase your most popular and recent posts in a tabbed widget.

DailyNotes gives you the proper tools to personalize a blog for sharing your everyday ramblings. Keep it simple. The DailyNotes theme has a sleek design was intended to help you get published quickly.

The Nimble theme is all about style and functionality. The theme comes with five unique colors which are great for grabbing attention. This theme utilizes every inch of real estate on your screen so nothing is crowded or difficult to read.

The Flexible Theme offers clean pages and spreads out its components to give your viewers a little breathing room. The theme comes with unlimited colors, a responsive design, and shortcodes to minimize the work on your end.

The Vertex Theme is designed for blogging. It strives to take up the entire screen with striking imagery and strong text boxes. The unlimited colors and responsive design is what attracts users.

Aggregate comes packed with tons of content and widget-ready areas, and manages to display everything in a clear and readable manner.

DeepFocus Photography
DeepFocus is a responsive photo blog theme that lets you turn your WordPress powered site into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintaining all the functionality and features of a normal WordPress blog.

eStore and eCommerce
The eCommerce Theme is the perfect all-in-one solution if you plan to selling things through an online store. The eCommerce theme works well on just about every device and browser. The theme even has a slider where you can include thumbnail images, text, and buttons for promotions or pushing people to sign-up for an event.

Fusion features many of the trends popular in web design today including soft focus background images and a large header section.

Explorable appeals to those whose site has a focus on travel, geography or global issues. Posts are pinned to the large map for a way of attracting users to interact with your content. The design and integration of the mapping service makes the Explorable the perfect choice.

Lucid features a clean yet attractive design with plenty of white space to let your content standout on the page. The theme is ideal for those who have a good selection of photos and other images on their site.

Fable is a modern and well-designed theme that will appeal to bloggers who want an easy to read website that also looks great. The theme is really spacious giving your content plenty of room to breathe.

Foxy features a massive multi-directional slider for showcasing your best content. The homepage features a 3-column section which makes use of vector icons. The Foxy theme is ideal for a business or individual offering online or offline services.

StyleShop allows your customers to browse and buy from your site on their mobile devices, ensuring you don’t miss out on any transactions.

Harmony has been designed with bands in mind. The theme offers homepage features including a news feed and a list of upcoming shows. There is also an excellent media player for showcasing band or artists.

Nova’s media gallery is sophisticated making it ideal for those with work to showcase in a portfolio. Images from the gallery can take users to a larger display or to a separate page with details about the image. Nova is ideal for corporate websites powered by WordPress.

Origin features a left hand menu where the widgets and menu can be displayed. The hover effects for the images of this theme are excellent and will impress your visitors. The user interface will appeal to those looking for an alternative to the more traditional WordPress homepage layouts.

Evolution despite its minimal appearance does have some strong features that make it worthy of consideration. This theme comes with a good selection of page templates that should cover most needs.

This theme is for those wanting to promote a service through their site. Chameleon makes use of the 3-column layout on the homepage. There is also a multimedia bar for displaying images as links to posts on the site. There is a strong blogging element included with a good layout for displaying blog posts and comments.

Who’s Who
The Who’s Who theme is great for those who are providing a news publishing service or bloggers with a high output. The random posts slider at the top of the homepage also helps lead users to more interesting posts on your site an increases user engagement.

Elegant Estate
Estate is made to showcase property listings in the best possible way. Using the homepage slider you can easily put your most attractive properties on display in the best possible way.

My Cuisine
My Cuisine is for restaurants who want a strong online presence. It has a great design for listing the menu, with each menu item linking through to a page detailing the specifics of that item. While restaurants are the target for this theme, it could be easily adapted to suit other types of business.

My Resume
My Resume is a great way to use WordPress to publish an online CV or resume. Those with a graphical or image based resume will appreciate the portfolio element of this theme. There is also a page designed specifically for publishing links to your social network profiles.

Business Card
This WordPress theme is very simple in its execution. However it is still a good choice for those wishing to publish the core information about their business. Powered by jQuery, the individual tabbed content loads seamlessly.

Gleam is an ideal match for anyone with a unique service, business or blog to promote. The theme uses some flashy techniques that aim to dazzle your users.

Lean Biz
Lean Biz features a large homepage slider with eye catching transitions. There are plenty of page templates for displaying a wide range of different types of content. This is a plain theme that will appeal to those looking to portray a neutral image with their online presence.

Photographers will love this theme. Designed with the sole intention of providing a creative way to showcase photos, this theme has everything needed to turn a regular blog into an online photo gallery.

Boutique is perfect for your online store. It is compatible with a range of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins so you can get your site up and running and taking orders in no time at all.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you do not like the product or support. What do you think about WordPress theme clubs and the wide range of themes they have to offer? Let us know your thoughts!

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

Write a WordPress post today and publish it at a future date with just a few clicks.
A lot of people who start off using WordPress don’t realize that there’s actually in incredibly useful and somewhat hidden feature that allows you to schedule posts. Even a lot of people who have been using WordPress for a long time are sometimes surprised to learn exactly how easy it is and never had any idea that this feature was even available. Contrary to very popular belief, you don’t actually need an entirely separate plugin just to schedule your posts. All you need to do is change a few settings before you’ve submitted the post to go public, and we’re here to show you exactly how to go about accessing this schedule. (more…)

Media Temple Virb Site Builder Review

Review of the Media Temple Virb Site Builder

Creating a website will no longer be a headache to any aspiring photographer, designer, artisan or more. On the making Media Temple offers the best options available to create the perfect website. Through Virb any professional creative have an opportunity to build their own online portfolio and even get their brand online. All of this easily done with the presence of a very easy-to use admin and many customizable themes made to take care of every detail needed by the client. (more…)

Introducing HostNine Shared Hosting from $3.45

There are so many companies that do website hosting that it is hard to know which one to choose. If you want a web host that offers excellent security, a choice of flexible plans to suit your needs and grow with you as needed and a caring professional team that really works hard to support their customers and help them reach their full potential as website owners than look no further than HostNine Shared Hosting. (more…)

Using Google Analytics to Improve Your WordPress Site

A website is nothing without viewers who visit the site and interact with all of the features it provides. All of the hard work you put into building your website will be for naught if no one reads it. The ability to interact with viewers is invaluable in attracting viewers to your website and retaining return viewers.

Good content is the first step in attracting and retaining viewers. However, even the best quality content is useless if it doesn’t meet the needs and interests of your viewers. (more…)

Featured Product: A Small Orange Dedicated Servers

A Small Orange is a homegrown hosting company offering vivid ranges of hosting plans and web services to those who desire to get the most of a server at the lowest of prices. The dedicated servers from A Small Orange provide the ultimate hosting experience. With almost infinite customization options available, your hosting environment can be easily fine-tuned to your exact requirements. They will set up, secure, maintain, administer and monitor your server for you as well, you can simply concentrate on running your site worry-free at all times.

You can get started with their dedicated servers from as low as $125 a month! A Small Orange offers powerful and affordable plans available for anyone and everyone who wishes to set foot in and rule the online marketplace. There are four variants of the dedicated servers available with A Small Orange that include the Starter plan, Standard hosting, Professional hosting and Ultimate hosting.

  1. Starter: At $125 per month, this is the most affordable of the dedicated server plans available with A Small Orange. Along with the quality of the RAM and processors, it offers a 4 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk space (or 128 GB SSD in RAID-1) with 5 free IPs and a bandwidth transfer of 5 GB.
  2. Standard: Priced at $135 for a month, it varies from the Starter plan in the fact that the RAM has a doubled capacity here and a better processor is employed, making your sites faster and robust.
  3. Professional: It is a perfect plan for hosting websites that demand extended resources. It has a 16 GB RAM and includes a much faster and advanced multi-core processor. It is priced at $175 per month and is the penultimate dedicated hosting plan available with A Small Orange.
  4. Ultimate: Offering you total control and power, the Ultimate server really sets the standard. Employing the best in class processors and a RAM capacity of 32 GB, the Ultimate plan quoted at $275 per month gives all the flexibility, speed and security needed for your websites.


When you purchase any server from A Small Orange, not only do you get a machine, but you also get a team of experts looking out for you and wanting to extend their helping hand in every way possible. You also get standard features for free that other web hosting companies generally charge for, like cPanel. cPanel is included as a FREE add-on with all Shared and Business hosting accounts of A Small Orange, and can be added to all other plans for free too (with the exclusion of Level 1 VPS plans).

With A Small Orange, you don't need to worry about software management; they will provide top quality customer support for the Operating System and control panel that come on your server. The initial set up will be completely free of cost and a technician will always be at your service to provide unlimited tech support. They also provide proactive security updates to ensure that your server's software is safe, secure, and up to date. They will also monitor your servers all the time and keep you updated with any helpful resources you may need to keep your servers and sites in proper running condition.


With A Small Orange, you do not need to regularly update all your software or resources as their team and automated software will do this task for you. It solely depends on you how much control you need in your hands; for anything you do not want to do manually, they have a solution. Getting your websites perform better and faster was never such easy!

HostNine Coupon Codes


15% Off Purchase

This is our most popular HostNine coupon for annual hosting purchase this June. Save 15% off your total hosting purchase, good on any plan or time frame.


$5 off HostNine

Save $5 off your first month with HostNine. This exclusive coupon code will save you 100% off your first month of HostNine shared hosting in 2016.

Guide to Using a HostNine Coupon

With our HostNine coupon codes, you can get a year of premium shared hosting for as little as $35. We have come up with a very simple guide to help WPCaddy users select the best HostNine coupon for their order. Simply answer these questions and use the HostNine coupon that corresponds with your answers. Are you buying shared hosting? If no, then use the 25% off promo code from above on a one month purchase or the 15% off promo code on an annual purchase.

If you are buying shared hosting, then are you looking to prepay for a year of hosting? If yes, then the 15% off coupon is right for you as well. If not then you will likely want to use our $5 off coupon code as it is the best available offer for one month shared hosting purchases. It should knock your first month down to $0, and moving forward the monthly rate will be charged to your card or PayPal account.

All of our HostNine coupons have been updated this December so that you maximize your savings and feel confident in making the switch to better, more reliable hosting.


Our HostNine Review
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support
  • Value

Review Summary

HostNine took home one of our hosting awards for us this year, as they were named the top reseller hosting provider. However, we have used their shared and VPS hosting services as well and can say that, while we prefer their sister company A Small Orange, we do not hesitate to recommend HostNine.

With shared hosting starting at just $4/month, and just $3/month with our top HostNine coupon, they are easily one of the best values in the hosting industry.

Why We Recommend HostNine...

Any review of HostNine has to start with the people behind the product. The product is great and we will get there, but HostNine's team is different than anything else in the hosting industry. Support is fast, friendly, and so knowledgable... you can tell that every team member is extensively trained in not only the technical details behind HostNine, but in the culture that they are creating.

Moving onto their great hosting products. To put it as blunt as possible, you are getting a better product at the best price. HostNine's servers are powered by the latest and greatest hardware and software, resulting in amazing load times, 100% uptime, and an overall hosting environment that you can rely on. Adding to that point, if you are looking for a host that will go the extra mile to ensure that your website always runs optimally, H9 is it. Things other hosts charge for, refuse to offer, or flat out don't have the ability to do are included with a $3/month shared hosting account.

top hostnine shared hosting coupons for 2016

HostNine has optimized all of their servers to run WordPress better! They understand the risk of bottlenecking and brute force attacks when it comes to WordPress and have created a server environment that keeps every WP install fast and secure. Beyond just the servers, H9 has taken the time to fully train every member of their team in all things WordPress. This means that any issues you may have with your website get dealt with quickly by a team member that knows exactly what they are doing.

You can buy from HostNine with piece of mind thanks to their 45 day money back guarantee. It's a very simple idea that we require of any host we partner with, you need to back your product or we won't. I'm not referring to a 'cancel at anytime' guarantee, I mean a 100% money-back-if-you-are-not-happy guarantee. HostNine knows that their product is superior to your current or past host, so they have no problem offering a guarantee.

Where we find our HostNine coupons

This is a question that we are asked a lot, because there isn't a lot of websites out there that offer HostNine coupons. We work directly with HostNine's marketing and affiliate team to get coupons whenever possible, but for the most part just scour the web. We pick through forums, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and blogs so that our visitors don't have to. It's our goal to ensure that every visitor that finds WPCaddy has the opportunity to not only save on hosting, but save on great hosting.

Our team is committed to ensuring that this website provides real value to our readers. We don't just recommend any host, we recommend only the best. Our HostNine coupon codes are updated daily to ensure that you don't just get a discount, but get the best possible discount. Our articles are based around solving real problems, and answering questions we get asked everyday. The goal we set out with when we started WPCaddy was to create a WordPress blog that provides real value and we feel like that's exactly what we have done.