Introducing HostNine Shared Hosting from $3.45

There are so many companies that do website hosting that it is hard to know which one to choose. If you want a web host that offers excellent security, a choice of flexible plans to suit your needs and grow with you as needed and a caring professional team that really works hard to support their customers and help them reach their full potential as website owners than look no further than HostNine Shared Hosting.

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FormCraft Plugin Review

FormCraft WordPress Contact Form Plugin Review

Do you own a WordPress site that requires one or more forms to be filled in by customers wishing to order something, readers who want to sign up for newsletters or for almost any other purpose? The latest version of the plugin FormCraft will make including customized forms for users to fill in a really easy process.

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How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

The main use of the website of a restaurant is to provide information about the restaurants to the people. Before visiting a restaurant, people often visit a website before entering a specific restaurant. A proper website proves to be best for the people as well as for the restaurant staff. The information provided by the website should be accurate and new updates should be added accordingly to the time.

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Making a Church Website with WordPress

Making a Church Website with WordPress

About 20% of the world’s websites are made by WordPress. It’s not very huge large number but it’s absolutely high. WordPress is powerful for making websites. Churches want an ordinary websites for church solutions so WordPress is best to make a website beneficial for the church employees and other users.

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HostGator Windows Hosting

The difference between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting consists of the operating systems running on servers. ASP.NET is a free web framework, powered by Windows, for creating web sites, services and apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you consider hosting your ASP.NET site, you want HostGator as your hosting provider, since they have a good reputation providing the best windows hosting services.

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Clementine Managed Hosting From A Small Orange

What is Clementine Managed Hosting?

Clementine Managed Hosting is a new and exclusive product package from A Small Orange that puts you and your server needs first. Clementine Managed Hosting provides the speed, reliability and power of your dedicated server, while also taking care of the auxiliary needs like the server administration, uptime monitoring, server performance optimization – so you don’t have to. A Small Orange does the important technical stuff for you, while you do the job you really want to be doing. Let us worry about your server, while you take care of what matters most – your business!

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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your WordPress Site

A website is nothing without viewers who visit the site and interact with all of the features it provides. All of the hard work you put into building your website will be for naught if no one reads it. The ability to interact with viewers is invaluable in attracting viewers to your website and retaining return viewers.

Good content is the first step in attracting and retaining viewers. However, even the best quality content is useless if it doesn’t meet the needs and interests of your viewers.

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