Bridge WordPress Theme Review

What is the Bridge theme and where can you find it?

If you’re a big WordPress user, you might have heard of the Bridge WordPress theme by now. Bridge has quickly become one of the most popular themes available and more users are adopting this theme to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at this theme and try to see what has made it one of the best-selling WordPress themes out there.

By investigating the advantages and disadvantages of this particular theme, we’ll hopefully be able to help you decide whether or not Bridge is right for your site. The theme has been developed by QODE, a company that has already made a name for itself on ThemeForest with thousands of sales in the past, and has been specifically designed to appeal to a wide audience. All sorts of sites can make use of Bridge, from individual blogs to eCommerce sites and business brands. So is Bridge the best theme for you?

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Reviewing the Bridge WordPress Theme Features

Well, let’s look at what the theme itself has to offer. When people talk about Bridge, the first thing you tend to hear about is the wide variety of templates the theme provides. Bridge comes with 56 different pre-made designs for users to choose from. This is a very impressive number and ensures that the theme really can offer something for everyone. All sorts of users from professionals to simple photo blog owners can make use of this theme to give their site a fresh look and an easy-to-manage layout. The developers even continue to add new designs to update their catalogue further. The designs on offer have been developed with a wide and varied audience in mind, so this theme can work perfectly on many different types of sites.

Naturally, each design can also be customized by more advanced users, allowing you to truly create a unique template for your site. In addition, with so many people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to browse the internet nowadays, you need your site to be able to function effectively across a wide array of platforms. Fortunately, the Bridge theme has been optimized for use across all sorts of devices. You won’t have to worry about visitors being unable to view your site correctly on their phone or tablet with this WordPress theme installed. It even works well for people who are using computers with exceptionally large monitors. With the Bridge theme, you’ll be reaching the widest audience possible without any complications.

Plugins Included With the Bridge Theme

Every theme needs a good set of plugins to function effectively. With Bridge, you’ll be getting two great plugins worth more than $40 included with the theme itself. First of all, there’s the Visual Composer. This is one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress network, allowing even novice users to create their own templates quickly and easily. This plugin lets you use a drag-and-drop system to simply move elements of your site around and customize your layout in mere minutes.

The second great plugin is the Layer Slider, which is also very popular and useful. Many sites are making use of sliders these days as they offer a more seamless browsing experience for site visitors. This slider comes complete with plenty of features, 13 different skins and hundreds of different transitions.

To make the theme an even more attractive proposition, it offers full support for several other major plugins like WooCommerce, which allows you to sell services and products on your site; WPML, which automatically translates the content of your site into a variety of other languages; and Contact Form 7, one of the most commonly-used plugins for offering a contact form on your site. All of these plugins can be vital to the success of your site, so it’s good to know that Bridge will support them without any additional effort on your part. The theme also supports all of the different post formats on WordPress, so you can do anything you want with this theme installed, safe in the knowledge that you won’t encounter any difficulties along the way.

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Bridge WordPress Theme Options

The theme comes complete with a vast array of options that advanced users will really be able to appreciate. The theme offers an unprecedented level of customizability, with an option being available for almost every feature imaginable. Even inexperienced users will be able to take advantage of these options as many things can be turned on or off very simply. Colors can easily be changed and individual elements of the site can be modified with ease.

The options are broken down into 17 different categories, allowing you to quickly find what you need and make changes in mere instants. The theme can also boast of a particular nifty features in the form of the “maintenance mode”, which allows you to inform your visitors that the site is undergoing changes with the click of a button.

Overall, there really aren’t any major criticisms we can level at the Bridge WordPress theme. It offers an unbelievable level of flexibility with its huge range of designs and countless customization options. The theme has been perfectly developed to suit a huge range of site owners and work well for visitors on all devices. Both new and experienced users will be able to appreciate this theme, and the plugins that it comes with will really help to give your site an edge. The developers of Bridge continue to support it with frequent updates, so there’s no better time than now to give this theme a try.

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