Sites of the Month November 2017

Welcome to WPCaddy's newest feature, a website of the month article that showcases web designs that we love from around the net. Each month we will identify some categories and websites worth of being featured on the website.

These websites are being featured for their unique design, eye for usability, and great content. The categories and winners will change each month, so make sure you subscribe to see who wins in December.

Category - News

The Intercept

The Intercept publishes engaging political and news articles through a website that simply looks better than anything else out there. From the floating and expanding menu that blends perfectly with sharing icons on individual posts, to the typography and custom photos and graphics, the user experience is unparalleled.

While the homepage is well thought out and looks amazing, our favorite part of this design are the individual posts and articles. Everything from the header, to the related articles, to the subscription and comments boxes are so well thought out and designed.

Category - Event

Kik Festival

To be honest, we had no idea what the Kik Festival was prior to it winning site of the day on Awwwards back in November. It's easy to see why this is an award winning design, as the website features one of the most breathtaking home pages we can remember seeing. Here is how Kikk describes itself:

KIKK is an international festival of digital and creative cultures. Its interest lies in the artistic and economic implications of new technologies.

A unique blend of colors and motion lay behind the head of a giant ape of all things on the landing page. Also in the background is a fishing boat, and some seagulls that fly around the landing page. The bold, unique colors are maintained as the user moves between the website's subpages.

Category - Sports

The Daily Audible

The Daily Audible is a website that the fantasy enthusiasts on our staff have frequented for years and demanded that we include on this list. It takes on a unique twist to WordPress with an eye for design and readability.

Like The Intercept, the focus on The Daily Audible is clearly put on the user experience and readability. Content is king here. Posts are cleverly laid out and written, presenting the daily fantasy user with the information they are looking for in the easiest to use format.

Our favorite aspect of the website has to be the unique homepage hero slider. This, like the rest of this website, keeps the content in the foreground, as it uses negative space to allow the user to navigate through the site's featured articles.

Category - Business

FedEx SoundTrack

We love when staple companies, business that help form the foundation for American culture, get creative and do something unique. This is the case with FedEx's latest design project, SoundTrack.

SoundTrack allows the user to experience a packages journey through sound. It loads with an extremely unique hero graphic that has the states outlined with what is essentially soundbar pixels bouncing up and down on the screen.

The user is able to enter their package's tracking number, and load it's unique soundtrack. The website matches sound and tone to the weather in each of your package's stops, then allows you to track it as it's flown and driven across the country. It's a unique take on something that the industry used to struggle with, tracking a package.

Category - Studio

The Great Agency

The Great Agency, based out of Paris, France, recently redesigned their website, and we are digging it. The new design is heavy on typography and readability, and low on flashy elements that distract from their brand and message.

The most unique feature on the site is it's page layout and transitions, which is brilliant because the flash is in places that don't distract the user from the brand's message.

The selected work, or portfolio page, allows you to browse through their past project in a horizontal layout. Selecting an individual project to load brings forward a full screen layout with about 20 difference unique sections that give you a thorough rundown on the project. Easily one of our favorite designs we have ever seen in this category.

Category - Shop

Nike Shop

Listen, we are not going to start this article off with any other shop. Nike have always been innovators when it comes to eCommerce. Their website has always looked phenomenal and functioned way ahead of it's time. This would be like creating a smartphone article and leaving off the iPhone, Nike has always been and will always be pioneers in the industry.

Their current design is clean, minimal, yet does an unbelievable job of highlighting individual products while allowing the user to navigate quickly and easily to whatever it is they are looking for.

Individual product pages are well thought out with individual images in a stacked gallery to the left that open in a lightbox when clicked. Product details, pricing, and options are in the right third of the screen, brilliantly using all available space to perfect the UX. Well done once again

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