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User and Expert Reviews of BeTheme

The popularity of the WordPress platform is booming, with countless new users signing up and making their own sites. One of big decisions every site owner has to make is choosing the right theme to suit their site. WordPress users have an incredible amount of choice when it comes to themes, both free and premium, but one of the latest trends in the web creation world is the use of multipurpose themes which can be fully customized to suit a wide variety of styles and needs. BeTheme is one of the most popular themes to fit this trend. Regardless of your website’s style and services, this theme can be modified to suit your requirements.

Meat the BeTheme Author

betheme themeforest reviewsThis theme has been developed by Muffingroup and makes use of the Muffin framework to provide the best user experience possible. The theme comes with 31 different homepage designs at the time of writing. Each of these designs can be fully customized to give your site an entirely unique look and feel. The huge array of options on offer ensures that no two sites will ever look the same thanks to this theme.

With so many possibilities, many site owners will never need to worry about installing other themes or paying out extra money for new templates, so BeTheme can also save you plenty of money in the long-term which can be invested into other aspects of your website or business.

The vast array of templates on offer in BeTheme is truly impressive and almost unprecedented in the world of WordPress. No matter what the style or subject matter of your site is, this theme will have a great design to suit your needs. A brief look at the range of choices on offer will simply astound you; there are designs for marriages, taxi drivers, gardening services, software sales, media, cafes, restaurants, recipe books and so much more. Not only is this ideal for people who have very specific needs for their WordPress themes, but it can also be useful for users who ever decide to change the content of their site. If your business ever evolves into something different, you can simply use a different template without having to buy a new theme.

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Review of Experience Working With BeTheme

The creation process couldn’t be simpler with BeTheme. Users simply choose a base layout and can then select from one of 17 different header styles, all of which are completely customizable. The theme comes with all of the options you could possibly ask for to upload your own photos, change font styles, adjust background colors and more. It’s also worth mentioning that this theme has been fully optimized for a wide range of devices.

More and more people are browsing the internet on their mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, so site owners need to be prepared for this. With BeTheme, visitors to your site will have no problems, regardless of the device they use.

Running a site and installing new themes can be a complicated process, especially for novice users who don’t have much technical experience. Fortunately, BeTheme comes with a great set of tutorials and helpful documents in the form of the online user guide. The fully-featured guide will walk you through every aspect of this fantastic WordPress theme.

If you can’t find an answer to your queries, you can simply log onto the support forum where expert staff are waiting to reply to your problems. There are also several handy video tutorials available with each one demonstrating individual parts of the BeTheme creation process. With all of this help, you can rest assured that any difficulties you might encounter will be swiftly treated by friendly and helpful staff.

Review of BeTheme Features

BeTheme also comes with plenty of unique features to help set it apart from the crowd even further. We can’t list all of them as there are simply too many to discover, but we can mention a few of the most interesting ones here today. One great aesthetic option is the parallax effect, which can really give your site a special look.

You can also take advantage of the “One Page” option. One page websites are becoming very popular lately for their ease of use and sleek style, and BeTheme lets you be a part of this trend. The theme also allows you to use an unlimited number of menus and sidebars. This level of customization is rare to find and effectively removes the limits that come with many other WordPress themes, giving you more scope to create something unique.

BeTheme is one of the best themes currently available for the WordPress platform. It comes with lots of great features and offers an impressive number of options. It’s also fully compatible with all of the major browsers and the developers are keen to provide regular updates in the weeks and months to come, ensuring that this theme won’t be going out of style anytime soon. With so many designs and customization possibilities, BeTheme offers something for everyone and would be a great choice for your WordPress site.

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