Best WordPress Themes for Bands and Musicians

As technological advancements become more widely available, it’s no surprise that musicians are doing all they can to use new technologies to their advantage to boost their profiles and build their online fanbases. The world of website creation can be complex for many would-be users, particularly people in bands who are already occupied with their own careers. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people who want to make their mark online, especially musicians, are forced to turn to services that will build and host websites for large fees.

However, plenty of free forms of web creation software do exist to make the whole process a lot easier. One of the most famous and popular examples of this sort of software is WordPress, and musicians can make use of this to help them build an online profile instantaneously. Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes that bands and artists can purchase and use to put the focus on their creations and gain new fans.


1. Rockon
Rockon is a particularly dynamic theme with a major focus on music, making it the perfect choice for new bands and artists. As its name suggests, this theme offers plenty of options for music fans and creators. The use of the Slider Revolution plugin helps users of this theme to display dozens of images in an attractive fashion. The choice of a light or dark style setting also allows you to adjust this theme to the style of music you make. The Rockon theme is completely compatible across all of the popular browsers, ensuring that fans and followers will always be able to view your content, and it can also be easily edited, making future updates and additions simple to implement. Buy theme for $43 - click here.

Angkloong wordpress theme

2. Angkloong
Angkloong is a dynamic theme that works well for musicians as it really stands out from the crowd and makes your site look and feel like something special. This is an especially effective theme when it comes to keeping your fans updated. New music and images can be updated with ease and users can subscribe to your feed at the click of a button. The theme also has the benefit of an integrated calendar, allowing musicians to give fans all the information they need about upcoming shows and events. Buy theme for $58 - click here.

colibri wordpress theme

3. Colibri
Colibri is particularly well suited for people working in the music industry as it puts plenty of emphasis on social networks. In the modern world, bands need to stay in touch with their fans via status updates, tweets, and regular online content. The Colibri theme makes all of these things simple, allowing you to update you website with ease. An incredible 80% of the content used on the Colibri theme can be gathered exclusively from social media networks, so you won’t even need to write new blog posts or content. Updates and posts can be taken from sites like Twitter and Facebook and placed directly on your site. Buy theme for $58 - click here.


4. IndieFest
If you’re looking for a theme that can pack a real visual punch, look no further than IndieFest. This theme is particularly great for musicians as its bright and flashy style will capture your audience’s attention instantly. It also offers plenty of customization options, with a whole host of backgrounds and color possibilities available to choose from. With such a wide array of choices, your site will be truly unique and stand out from the crowd. The IndieFest theme is also particularly well optimized, meaning that setting it up can be done in minutes and very little effort is required to update your pages with new content. Buy theme for $99 - click here.

band theme

5. Artist of the Year
The great thing about this theme is how it places all of the attention on your creations. A slider at the top of the page can be utilized to show off your new tracks, without them being hidden away behind several tabs or clicks. The theme has a very simple layout that works perfectly for a band; the left-hand column of text can be edited regularly with news and updates about your latest work and new projects. Meanwhile, the layout comes with a good choice of eight different backgrounds, allowing your site to stand out from the rest. Additional customization options are available and various widgets will fit seamlessly into the theme. Buy theme for $99 - click here.

These are just five of the top WordPress themes out there. Honorable mentions have to go to themes like Music Hub, Night, Chords, Music and Dark, and there are plenty more excellent ones for musicians to make use of. Nowadays, online marketing is a must, particularly in the entertainment industry where competition can be especially fierce. In order for your band or creations to see success, you have to build an online presence and there’s no better place to start than WordPress.

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