Best WordPress Plugins for Stopping Spam

Most EffectoveWordPress Plugins for Stopping Spam

More and more people are running their own sites these days, with WordPress being one of the most popular platforms for site creation. Unfortunately, an everlasting problem for site owners to deal with is the presence of spam on the internet, but solutions for this issue do exist.

WordPress is famous for its vast catalogue of plugins, and you can make use of many of these plugins to combat spam on your own site. When searching for the ideal plugin, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. First of all, you want the plugin to do its job without affecting the rest of your site’s functionality. This means you won’t want a plugin that has a big impact on the WordPress database or forces your users to perform extra actions to post their comments.

You also need to choose a plugin that will work against new user spam. Many spammers make use of bots to create new accounts on WordPress and post spam content, so you’ll need to do something about this. You’ll also want to consider your own budget as the plugins available vary in price. There are some good free solutions out there, but you might need to pay for the very best service, especially if you are in control of a business site that receives a lot of traffic and attention. Taking these factors into account, we’ve prepared a small list of anti-spam plugins for you to choose from. Take a look through the list below and you’ll surely find a good plugin to suit your site.

akismet wordpress plugin


Anti-Spam Bee is the best entirely free plugin available for WordPress users, but Akismet is probably the number one plugin overall. This one was brought to us by the developers of WordPress itself, so you can certainly trust them. The effectiveness of this plugin is unrivalled. It’s completely free for personal users, but commercial site owners will need to pay a monthly fee (prices start at $5). Everyone will need to register in order to activate this plugin, but once you have it installed it will work flawlessly to keep your site spam-free. It actually uploads every single comment you receive directly to a specialized server. Here, the comment is subjected to a large amount of scans and checks, ensuring that no trace of spam is present. If the comment passes the tests, it gets posted. As you can imagine, this is a very efficient system.

Anti-Spam Bee

This is one of the most popular and effective anti-spam plugins available on the WordPress platform. Anti-Spam Bee is entirely free, which makes it very attractive for the majority of site owners out there. You don’t even need to register this software and it remains free for all types of users. This particular plugin comes with plenty of in-depth options, allowing you to block specific IP addresses, languages or even countries. It also displays a nice set of statistics to keep you informed of the spam on your site, and it will clear the WordPress database on a regular basis.

WordPress Zero Spam

This is another free plugin for all users that can be very effective at keeping your site clean. It works by using JavaScript to ensure that bots simply cannot post on your site. Essentially, unless a user has JavaScript enabled on their computer, they will not be able to type a comment. This cuts out on bots, but it won’t stop human users from spamming your comment sections. Nevertheless, it’s a quick and easy plugin that does a decent job.

wp-spamshield wordpress spam plugin

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This particular plugin will deal with most of the different types of spam you might encounter on your site, including comment spam, registration spam and contact form spam. It uses a mixture of technology to get this job done, but it does it very effectively, offering multiple barriers of protection. It’s also compatible with a lot of popular contact form and e-commerce plugins, so you shouldn’t have much trouble installing it. It’s not free, but if you have a big site then it could be worth the cost.

Spam Destroyer

This simple plugin was designed with one thing in mind: ease of use. The developers of Spam Destroyer didn’t want to make things complicated for site users or site owners. Therefore, your users won’t need to do any extra things to post a comment, but the plugin will automatically work to prevent spam from appearing. It’s not 100% effective but it’s the perfect choice for sites with low amounts of traffic.


CleanTalk is another plugin that isn’t free, but is very powerful at blocking and removing spam. This plugin is cloud-based, so all of your comments are uploaded to cloud servers where they are put through a variety of tests to ensure validity. Comments that survive these checks are posted while the others are ignored. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial to see if this plugin works for you, and commercial licenses are only $8 for an annual membership.

goodby captcha wordpress anti-spam plugin

GoodBye Captcha

This plugin helps to keep your site safe from spam registrations, comment spam and brute force cyber-attacks. It actually works using preventative measures, applying anti-spam technology before the user even signs up for the site to stop spam happening ahead of time. It’s fully compatible with many popular plugins out there including WP User Control, JetPack, Epoch and MailChimp.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is completely free, making it a popular choice among site owners. This one involves some action on the user side of things. Essentially, in order to post a comment on your site, users need to click a little box to prove that they are not going to spam. The majority of users shouldn’t be inconvenienced by this simple security measure and it will help to keep your site safe from bots.

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