Best Search Plugins for WordPress

Fact: WordPress Search is Better With These Plugins

When you visit a website, a good search function makes the experience much more enjoyable and easy. This is why WordPress site owners need to take the time to find the proper search plugin for their site. When users visit your webpages, they’ll have a much easier time navigating around with the use of a functional and rapid search engine. Without this vital functionality, visitors can quickly become lost and frustrated on your site and may quickly search for an alternative. In order to build a loyal and satisfied audience, site owners can’t underestimate the value of a functional search plugin.

Fortunately, WordPress users are free to take their pick from a vast library of plugins and today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ones to use if you’re looking to introduce a search function to your site. The default search bar that comes with WordPress sites isn’t particularly effective, so the majority of site owners will want to investigate and make use of one of the plugins mentioned below. These plugins will improve the design of your site and provide reliable results for the requests your users might have. Some search bars can provide poor results that aren’t particularly relevant to search terms, so here we’ve gathered some of the best-performing plugins for you to choose from.



Relvanssi is a Finnish word meaning “relevant”, so you can already imagine what you’ll be getting from this search plugin. Essentially, Relevanssi aims to offer the most relevant results for every possible search and this makes it one of the best WordPress plugins anyone could hope to use. It’s simple to install and very effective at what it does, providing an enjoyable experience for your users as they receive relevant information and answers to their many queries and searches. This plugin even makes use of “fuzzy matching” which is a feature that helps the plugin to recognize misspelt or partial words, making its searches even more accurate. In addition, Relevanssi is a very customizable WordPress search plugin, allowing users to search for more recent posts and order their search results in different ways. Overall, it’s a great plugin.


SearchWP is a leading WordPress search plugin that is specifically designed for the WordPress platform. It is essentially a much more efficient version of the default WordPress search engine, offering a genuine upgrade for your site. It allows searches to be made for different file types and forms of media, which is a nice bonus, and it also includes various options to make searches more accurate for individual users.

Search Everything

Search Everything has a great name that suits this plugin very well. It’s entirely free and represents a level of quality above the standard WordPress search feature. With powerful functionality that provides relevant results, Search Everything is certainly a contender as one of the top WordPress search plugins available right now. One of the highlights of this plugin is its “Advanced Search” feature which allows users to use various filters and options to really find the results they are after. To top it off, this plugin is simple to install and offers plenty of customization for a site owner as well. WordPress users are able to configure this plugin to suit their sites, so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

Custom Search

Custom Search is a great little WordPress search plugin that is entirely free to make use of. It’s very easy to install and offers a simple and user-friendly interface for both site owner and site user, offering an enjoyable and problem-free experience for all parties. This plugin is also fully functional in several languages (Spanish, English, Russian and Ukrainian to be precise), with the development team dedicated to providing additional language support as soon as possible. This is clearly a great plugin that can only get better, so it could be a smart fit for your WordPress site.


SwiftType Search

If you’re looking for a good WordPress plugin that offers plenty of customizability, SwiftType Search might be the ideal choice for you. This plugin works seamlessly with the latest version of WordPress and includes plenty of features and options for both site visitors and site owners. Owners are able to view various analytics and other important information while visitors can customize the results of their own searches.

Dave’s WordPress Live Search

If you’re searching for a plugin that offers something a little bit special then Dave’s WordPress Live Search might be for you. As its name indicates, this WordPress search plugin allows users to enjoy “live searching”, offering instant results that instantly appear as the user starts typing in the search box. This saves time for users and provides them with a powerful and reliable experience, encouraging them to visit your site again in the future and make use of its excellent search functionality.

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