Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Best Comment Plugins for WordPress for 2015

In order to help your WordPress site succeed, it’s important to cater to your audience by allowing them to make their voices heard. Communities help sites to really stand out from the crowd, and your choice of comment plugin can really make a big difference when users and visitors wish to post messages and share their thoughts with you and others. Other factors naturally come into play when attempting to build your own WordPress community, but the comment plugin is a great place to start so today we’ll take a look at some of the top plugins you can make use of.

Online users are becoming more and more interested in the ideas of social media and sharing their views, so website owners need to do what they can to cater to this growing trend. The WordPress comment plugins on this list do a great job of doing just that.

We’ll go through some of the advantages and features of each plugin listed below, allowing you to make an informed decision for your own WordPress site. Before we get onto that, it’s important to note that your comments plugin needs to fit with your site, both from a visual perspective and a functional one. You need the plugin to work with your existing code and slide seamlessly into your theme without ruining the aesthetic of your webpages. In addition, be sure to consider the ways in which each plugin manages spam comments as your pages can quickly become overflowed with comments if you don’t choose the right plugin. Now let’s move on to the top plugin list and help you to turn your site into a vibrant online community.


Disqus Comment System

You’re probably quite familiar with the Disqus system as it appears on a lot of sites. It is one of the most popular comment plugins on WordPress and with good reason. It has a simple design that suits plenty of sites and is especially easy to use, allowing visitors to quickly make an account and share their views in mere seconds.

When using this plugin, the system also records all of the comments on the actual servers of Disqus, meaning you’ll never have to worry about losing comments or spend time saving them yourself. Another great thing about Disqus is that it has an effective spam filter, allowing you to focus on running your site without the fear of being spammed with comments.



CommentLuv is perfect for blog users as it allows visitors to link to blogs via their comments. It’s a simple system that works reliably and encourages users to post often on your site. By allowing blog owners to share their own content, CommentLuv helps communities and networks to develop, so it can certainly be a great option if you’re looking to expand your online profile. If you want to attract some bloggers, CommentLuv is a super option for your WordPress site.

Comments Evolved

This comment system used to be Google+ and works almost exactly the same way as Google+ Comments. It works well on various platforms, including Facebook and Google, and offers a simple design and user-friendly system that will encourage visitors to share their thoughts and views on your site. Comments Evolved is also effective at deterring spammers, so you won’t need to worry about your comments sections being flooded.

Facebook Comment

facebook commentsSince it is one of the most popular websites in the world, anything to do with Facebook is usually well-received by website users and visitors. Facebook Comment offers plenty of advantages that make it well worth considering for your WordPress site, including a complete lack of spam. This is because people use their Facebook accounts to comment, which feature their real names and details, making it almost impossible to comment anonymously.

Since Facebook has millions of users, you’ll have a huge potential audience by making use of this plugin as visitors won’t need to spend time creating new accounts just to post a comment. Facebook Comment does come with a downside however and that is the fact that you have little control over the things that are posted, since this is all managed by Facebook itself.

JetPack by WordPress

JetPack should be known by most WordPress users as it was actually developed by the team that created WordPress in the first place. The JetPack name actually encompasses a whole suite of functional and beneficial plugins for any WordPress site and the comment system is one of these plugins. By default, a lot of WordPress sites make use of JetPack and it offers a perfectly reliable and functional plugin for comments.

This comment plugin actually allows visitors to sign in via their Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts for commenting, which can be seen as a positive point as it saves your users the time of making new accounts. However, it is hard for you as a site owner to control the content of these sites and really establish a community when users are arriving from various platforms.

Live Comment Preview

This plugin is quite a recent addition to the world of WordPress and is especially effective at filtering out spam comments. New comments appear instantaneously (hence the name “Live”), which is a nice bonus feature of this particular plugin and it has a simple and clean style which should suit most sites.

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