Avada WordPress Theme Review

Comprehensive Avada WordPress Theme Review

Avada is the best-selling theme available for WordPress. Many users of Avada will tell you it is more than just a theme. Avada does not just set the tone and style of your website with rigid templates. It is much more than just your basic WordPress theme. Avada is really a website designing tool that anyone can use because no coding knowledge is required.

Using Avada means having an incredible number of features, incredible customization settings and more options than you ever thought possible together with multiple page templates allowing you to purchase one theme package and build a seemingly limitless number of unique websites all with varying purposes.

avada-wordpress-themeAvada may not be for everyone, especially if you are looking for a very rigid format with no options or few decisions to be made and few choices to consider. If, however, you want the option to choose for yourself as you build your website and you want flexibility so that the theme can be used for building a site that suits any business or purpose then Avada is the perfect theme for you.

Avada has so many useful features that will allow you to create a website that truly fits your needs. As your needs change you will find it quite easy to change your website with Avada. Adaptability is important in the ever changing internet and ecommerce worlds.

One of the best reasons to use Avada is that there is a long list of included features that the developers are always adding to and growing. The fact is that there are so many included features with Avada that they simply cannot be listed in any single review.

However, there are some real highlights that everyone who uses WordPress and is looking for a theme should know about. These standouts include:

  • Easy to use templates that are built for all sorts of applications
  • Left side and right side, as well as top, headers
  • Custom coloring for backgrounds
  • No coding knowledge is needed!
  • An impressive array of menu options including a mega menu with a widget area
  • 5 header styles
  • Premium sliders
  • Page content area with 1-6 columns
  • More than12 page templates to choose from
  • Customize your footer
  • Custom widgets
  • Copyright area with social media icons and more

Getting Started With Avada

avada-theme-reviewsIt is easy to get started with Avada. Simply install and activate your Avada account. You will immediately be prompted to install some necessary plugins. These are safe to install and are essential to using an Avada theme. In just a few easy clicks you will be ready to start working on your theme and tailoring it to meet your individual needs. Avada is very easy to work with and in no time at all you will have your website up and running and looking very professional.

Visiting the theme option control panel will help you continue to make your website more to your liking. It is easy to use and requires nothing more than a click here or there to add or delete various options. You might even want to experiment a little and take a look at your website after each option is added or deleted to get a feel for what a site visitor might experience. It’s not hard to do and you certainly can have a lot of fun experimenting with so many features.

Avada is easy to use but at times having so many options and so many layers of customization can be a little daunting, especially for beginners. It is best to take your time and slowly get to know all of the ins and outs of these features. Avada provides strong support and there are a plethora of video tutorials available to help beginners delve into the more advanced features of this theme builder. Starting out with a template that you find suitable in the Avada demo section and then making tweaks and changes over time is probably the best way to quickly get up and running and still be able to make changes to your website over time.

Keep Your Website Fresh With Avada Theme

Site visitors will be impressed when they return and find small changes that are unique to your site, that are intuitive and increase usability or make navigating your website even easier. The possibilities are seemingly endless when you start combining new features. Slowly making changes will also make sure that regular users of your site are not immediately overwhelmed with differences all at once but instead are gradually introduced to new features that they will grow accustomed to and like using.

It is as important to build a website that is as satisfying to its owner as it is to those the owner is trying to attract to the site. Avada allows for so much innovation and uniqueness it is no wonder it is the best-selling WordPress theme.

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