About Us


WPCaddy was born one cold January morning, out of the dark corner office of a shared workspace in Northern Michigan. As a small team of branding/marketing experts, we have offered WordPress design to our clients for the past four years.

Over those years we have learned that the biggest difference between us (novice web designers with a background outside of code and development) and the business owners we worked with, was that we had the resources to make WordPress work quickly and easily on any project.

With the right theme, plugins, and design resources a successful business website can be created in just a few days. While we get that there is a pool of entrepreneurs and businessmen and women that will always prefer to pay thousands to have somebody 'do it right', there is also a pool of small business owners that want to do it themselves and just need the resources to make it happen.


That is who we created this website for. We wanted to bring great design, hosting, and, of course, WordPress to the guy using Website Tonight, or trying to stuff their Car Repair website into a Square Space template. Our goal is to create a better internet for the small business owner.

One in which their website can compete with the big business down the block, not because they took a second mortgage out, but because they understand WordPress and how to leverage it to build a world-class web presence.

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