A Closer Look at the New WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Services

New WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Service

WebHostingPad recently unveiled a new line of WordPress hosting plans, set to launch at some point in the future. We don’t have any exact date because the company hasn’t specified one just yet, but these plans seem pretty fully-featured, so we don’t expect to have to wait too long until they launch. There are three plans, with prices starting as low as $2.99 for the most basic offering and rising up to just $5.99 for the most advanced plan.

The basic option brings support for five sites, while the top-end subscription will work with up to 25 sites. These plans offer a nice range of features including malware scanning, premium backups and SSD storage. The company states that its new WordPress plans are being built to provide the top levels of speed, security and reliability, so let’s take a closer look to see what exactly the WebHostingPad team is doing to bring that promise to life.


WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Service

First of all, let’s look at security. This is a big issue for many site owners, with people naturally wanting to keep their data safe from any possible attacks. All of the new WordPress plans from WebHostingPad come with automatic malware scanning and removal. The company claims that its scanning software will regularly search for any malware and immediately quarantine anything it finds.

The problem with this kind of automatic malware detection and removal is that it can sometimes cause bugs and problems with the functionality of the site. Fortunately, WebHostingPad will automatically email users when any malware is found, letting them take a look at their sites and ensure that everything is working smoothly.

If there are any problems, the site can be restored to full functionality using a backup. The provider will take weekly backups automatically, and you can schedule additional backups yourself if you like. We don’t have all of the details on this malware scanning service, so we don’t know exactly what program the company is using here. It could be a high-profile security agency, or it might be something simpler like regular cPanel protection software. Either way, it seems to be quite effective.

Whenever you upload something new to your site, it will be scanned and checked for any traces of malicious software. This includes themes and plugins, so you’ll be able to know whether or not the changes you make to your site are safe. As stated, when the software detects any problems, it will immediately quarantine the affected files and send out an email alert. From that moment, you’ll have 24 hours to fix the issue before the quarantined files are released.

Overall, the new security features for these WordPress plans seem decent, but what sort of speeds can you expect to get? While other WordPress hosting providers often offer full SSD hosting for the fastest speeds, WebHostingPad has preferred to keep things simpler by only using SSD technology for the database. This means that speeds might not be as fast as they could be, but it helps to keep the overall costs down. So if your budget can’t quite stretch to some of the pricier WordPress plans on the market, this could be the right choice for you. The speeds and performance offered by these plans still seem to be very impressive, so most users won’t even notice the difference.


WebHostingPad WordPress Support

The final feature to discuss is customer support. Right now, we can’t be entirely sure how this will work for the new WordPress plans. Normally, WebHostingPad outsources its support services, but does still manage to offer 24/7/365 support and promises to deal with all queries as quickly and efficiently as possible. The company makes use of a ticket system, as well as offering a large database of tutorials and guides to help people gain a better understanding of hosting and dealing with certain site issues. We can only expect this same level of service to continue with the WordPress plans, and the company has stated that WordPress-specific issues will be addressed like installing themes and plugins.

The big question about these new plans is can they match up to the regular sort of WordPress hosting that other brands are providing? This type of hosting often comes in either managed or unmanaged forms. Managed plans involve full support and optimization and prices can often be pretty high, while unmanaged plans are often cheaper and come with their own specific range of advanced WordPress features and options.

These plans certainly aren’t managed and don’t quite have the same selection of features as many others, but they are being offered at some truly attractive prices. The idea of being able to get fast, reliable, secure WordPress hosting for just $2.99 per month will entice plenty of people into signing up with WebHostingPad. We can’t say that these plans are going to be the fastest or most fully-featured, but they’re affordable and efficient, and that will certainly be enough for some.

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