28 Best WordPress Themes for Lawyers

Our Favorite WordPress Themes for Lawyers

Lawyer fees are rising, and with increased fees comes increased competition. More and more firms are opening their doors, making it harder to attract new clients. Now, more than ever, you need to be using every tool at your disposal to get your business seen by the masses and build up a loyal following.

With almost everyone using the internet these days, the best way to spread the word about your firm is through the use of an attractive and effective website. If you have a WordPress site, there are countless themes to choose from, some being much better than others. It can be hard to find the right one to meet your needs, so today we’ll be looking at some of our own favorites.

justice wordpress theme - best wordpress themes for lawyers


The very name of this theme tells you who it was designed for. It works perfectly for every type of law professional, from small firms to big businesses, solicitors to legal advisors. It’s completely responsive and will work flawlessly on any device and screen size. In addition, it contains an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder, so you won’t need to spend hours perfecting your webpages. With WooCommerce support, several header options and various stylistic aspects to configure, this a theme you can really mold in your own image.

Lawyer Base

Lawyer Base lets you create your own database of law professionals with ease, allowing visitors to your site to browse through profiles. It comes complete with WooCommerce support and can be translated into many different languages, ideal for people who want to broaden the exposure of their business. With a drag and drop page builder and a sleek style, this theme can quickly freshen up your online presence.

dejure wordpress theme - best wordpress themes for lawyers


This theme gives you total control over every aspect of your site, offering countless options and features to let you make something truly unique. Fully responsive, technically reliable and aesthetically pleasing, Dejure has been designed with a lot of care and attention to detail. In the hands of any type of law professional, this theme can be very impressive. You’ll need a bit of technical know-how to get the most from it, though.


Designed with attorneys in mind, Lawyeria comes with lots of customization options, including countless colors and styles. You can mix and match different options to suit your company’s preexisting aesthetic image, making this theme work for you. This theme also happens to run very smoothly on any device, so you won’t need to worry about visitors getting frustrated.


Wish offers a subtle, yet imposing aesthetic style, sure to catch the eye of any visitors to your site. This theme stands out from the crowd with its professional attitude and sleek presentation. It works well for any size of law firm, adapting nicely to suit your needs. With the use of the built-in Visual Composer, you can add functionality and elegance to your site in a matter of minutes. Wish also comes with over a dozen layout options and the highly popular Revolution Slider plugin.

humanrights wordpress theme - best wordpress themes for lawyers


If you want to skip the hassle of site creation and get things up-and-running as quickly and easily as possible, HumanRights might be perfect for you. This theme cuts out the complexities, offering a handy demo importer that lets you set up your site in seconds. It’ll work on any device and is Retina-ready. It also has the speed and performance reliability to ensure that your site will perform just as well, if not better than your rivals.


Every aspect of Legalized has been developed with the legal professional in mind. No matter what role you fill, whether it be judge, attorney, solicitor, advisor or something else altogether, this theme lets you show off your professional profile in a clear and well-presented way. The aesthetic of this theme is modern and sleek, perfect for turning heads and getting people interested in what you have to offer. It also offers one-click installation and other streamlined features to speed up the web creation process.

Law Practice

Whether you’re a seasoned computing pro or an absolute technical amateur, you can make a beautiful and functional site with the Law Practice theme. It offers custom post types, galleries, unlimited color options and hundreds of fonts, letting you personalize every aspect of your individual web pages. You won’t need to worry about dealing with countless lines of code or confusion options, as everything is clearly labelled and easy to understand.

lawoffice wordpress theme - best wordpress themes for lawyers

Law Office

Law Office keeps things simple. It presents a slick, clean appearance that will give your site an extra boost of professionalism. Suitable for a wide variety of law professionals, this theme adapts well to any device. It comes with lots of options to personalize things like the page header, as well as adding in bonus features like parallax scrolling and video galleries. With several pre-made styles to choose from, Law Office can work well for anyone.


OnePage, as its name suggests, is a single-page theme that lets visitors get access to all of the information they could ever need about your business, without have to click between pages and struggle with load times. This sort of site is becoming very popular nowadays and could be just the thing to set your company apart from the rest. The theme also comes with lots of options, Twitter integration, shortcodes, widgets and more.


Defender was built with law and finance professionals in mind, so it can function equally well for an attorney as it can for an accountant. It comes with dozens of useful features, a drag and drop page builder, custom widgets and lots of pre-made layouts to help you save time and focus on more important aspects of your business. With the addition of the Slider Revolution plugin, this is certainly one theme you’ll want to consider for your law business site.

King Power

King Power gives you the unique option of switching between boxed and full styles whenever you like. This can be a great feature for certain types of user, so it might appeal to you. It even lets you switch styles for your sliders and offers a great customizer, letting you adjust fonts, colors and backgrounds quickly and simply. King Power also features a very intuitive admin panel, showing you everything you need straight away, rather than hiding vital options away in submenus. It’s perfect for lawyers and other professionals.


Another great legal theme to look at today is LEX. Compatible on any device and any type of screen, this theme ensures that your site can reach the widest audience possible. Developed with speed and SEO in mind, your site should instantly become more popular with a quick install of LEX. It also contains an easy-to-use page builder, handy widgets, shortcodes and a useful contact form.

maxim wordpress theme


Maxim is another excellent theme that tries to keep things simple. It has a clean, subdued look that lets you keep the focus on the things that matter the most about your business. Sites that use Maxim exude an air of elegance and professionalism, and they also happen to work very reliably and quickly. Performance issues are a thing of the past with this theme, and it has been fully-optimized to provide excellent SEO results on the big search engines.


Another one-page theme, Versatile attempts to offer an attractive design which draws people in, giving you the chance to turn those visitors into loyal clients. It works in conjunction with GoodLayers excellent page builder, offering countless customization options that are easy to modify. As the name suggests, it’s also very versatile and will allow you to make all of the little personal touches you need to make. With options to add sliders, video galleries, and animated backgrounds, Versatile puts you in charge of your website.

modernize wordpress theme - best wordpress themes for lawyers


Modernize does what it sets out to do. This theme brings your site into 2016 with all of the latest features and settings. It comes with the new and improved Advanced Visual Composer, allowing you to move elements around your pages effortlessly. You can also customize various individual aspects of your site’s design, from background colors to font styles. With hundreds of possible variations, Modernize lets you make a site that is truly one-of-a-kind. It also happens to be one of the best-selling themes on the WordPress platform, so you know you’re getting a high quality product.


Better will help you improve your online presence in more ways than one. This WordPress theme is easy to get to grips with, offering a basic set of options built around the things that matter, rather than confusing you with pages and pages of complex settings and indecipherable codes. This theme, like many others on the list, is Retina ready and fully responsive, while also coming with one of the smartest drag and drop builders you could ever hope to use.


The idea of a WordPress theme is to get people interested in your site. To that end, CompanyLaw does a super job. It has been designed with both visitors and site owners in mind. As the site owner, you’ll be treated to a smart user interface and easy-to-manage settings. Visitors, meanwhile, will be able to enjoy the flawless functionality and pleasing appearance of your new site.

legalpress wordpress theme - best legal wordpress themes


LegalPress is a legal-centric theme that is best-suited for lawyers and legal advisors. This theme works without a hitch on any device and screen, so you can make any changes you need while on-the-move, and your visitors don’t have to worry about performance issues. This theme really is all about the world of law, complete with smart features that fit nicely into this domain. It has a drag and drop page builder and a real-time customizer to help you perfect pages before you publish them.


A multi-purpose theme that works especially well for legal pros, Divi works with all of the big browsers and devices. With lots of different icons, attractive fonts, unlimited color customization and intuitive features, this theme will give you everything you need and more. It even lets you put a video as the background of your webpages, giving you the freedom you need to craft a unique site for your business.


Avada is a theme that can work well for all sorts of business, including law firms and attorneys, as well as financial professionals. If you want to have the sort of site that oozes professionalism and good quality service, look no further. Avada comes with lots of different templates to get you started, along with handy demos that can be installed at the click of a button. This theme is also rich in shortcodes and other bonus features like parallax scrolling to keep visitors coming back for more.

The Practice

The Practice comes to us from expert theme development team ThemeFuse. This theme has a start, clean design which draws the visitor’s attention to the key aspects of your business. There aren’t any distracting animations or needless features here. Everything has been designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. It’s a very modern theme that also comes with contact forms, Google Maps integration, pricing page creation and other useful options.


LawBusiness brings everything the typical legal pro could ever need to craft an eye-catching website. With custom post types, easily editable galleries, super fast HTML5 code and SEO optimization, your site will be one of the best when you decide to install this theme. It even comes with the highly useful Visual Composer, letting you drag and drop different elements around your pages as you see fit.

miracle wordpress theme - best themes for lawyers


Miracle lets you craft your own Mega Menu for your legal website. This lets you highlight all of your company’s services and profiles in stark, bold boxes that really catch the eye. It looks great and can be customized with different colors to suit the style and vibe of your business. Not only that, but Miracle is also fully responsive and flawlessly functions on every single web browser out there. This theme’s use of shortcodes will also greatly appeal to novice users or people who don’t have time to spend on complicated website creation.


The Lawyer theme makes use of the latest WordPress technologies to deliver high quality performance and all of the customization you need. It has a responsive design and a handy multi-layered slider which make site navigation easier than ever before. This theme was also designed with the site owner in mind as it features a very clever dashboard, granting you access to all of the options you need.

Executive Pro

Executive Pro is an exciting WordPress theme that puts all of the attention on the parts of your business that you care about the most. This theme was designed in such a way as to highlight the core aspects of your online presence, telling visitors everything they need to know in a matter of seconds. The theme itself comes with plenty of great-looking color options, with further customization granted by the excellent Genesis framework.

private lawyer wordpress theme - best lawyer wordpress themes

Private Lawyer

Private Lawyer gives your business an immediate air of elegance and professionalism through its sleek, modern design. It features one-click installation and a very intuitive user dashboard, granting you full control over the various aspects of your different webpages. It works perfectly with all types of media, letting you share your creations and show off your business in whole new ways. Check it out at Template Monster today!


Themsis is ideal for your legal business. Featuring a fully-responsive and very reliable design that will work flawlessly all of the time, this theme can be up-and-running in mere seconds. It comes complete with nearly two dozen different layouts, each of which was designed with a different type of user in mind. It also comes with lots of easy-to-use shortcodes and countless font and color options. Customization is straightforward, so you won’t need to spend too long getting to grips with this theme.

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