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How to Use Your DesignModo Coupon Code

In general, it isn’t very difficult at all to use your DesignModo coupon codes, but we still have to highlight some important points. We’ll also take you through a step-by-step guide of how to use the coupon, to ensure that you don’t encounter any problems. First of all, remember that coupons can rarely be used together or in conjunction with other offers. If you’re already benefitting from a sale or special offer, the coupon might not work. Similarly, you can’t use two codes to double-up on your savings on DesignModo.


Therefore, we always recommend that you read the small print on each coupon code before using it. We also advise you to test out each code to ensure its validity. Testing out multiple codes is also a very smart way to find out which one offers you the best deal. You might think one code is better than another on the outside, but in practice things could turn out differently, so don’t be too hasty to confirm your order.

Now let’s look at how you actually go about using your codes. Firstly, you’ll want to visit DesignModo’s official site and browse the various items for sale. Whenever you see something you like, you can simply add it to your basket. When you’re ready to checkout, click on the “Cart” button in the top right. At this stage, you could choose to create your own DesignModo account, which will make future purchases easier to make.

designmodoHowever, for the purposes of this guide, we’ll imagine that you didn’t choose to create an account. You will therefore have to enter some basic billing information, including your name, email address, country of residence, and payment method. DesignModo allows you to pay via PayPal or card, so you can choose whichever method is easier for you.

Once your billing details have been filled-in, you can view a summary of your order on the right hand side of the page. This area should show the different items you are planning to purchase, along with their prices and the total price of your order. You should also be able to spot a button labelled “Apply Coupon”, and you’ll need to click on this to make a box appear. You can then copy and paste your coupon code into the box and click “Apply” to test out its effects.

The page should then refresh and the benefits of your coupon will be applied automatically, so you should see your new total price in the order summary area. This is a smart system, as it allows you to be sure that your coupon is valid before proceeding to payment. Once you are satisfied with your order and your coupon code, click on the green “Proceed” box to pay for your order.

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Where Do We Find Our DesignModo Coupons?

It doesn't matter what the company, product, or service is that we are promoting, anytime we offer a coupon code our users want to know where we found it and how we know it's the best available promotion. This is understandable, we all want the reassurance that we are getting the best possible deal anytime we make a purchase.

Our DesignModo coupons come from a variety of places. Generally speaking, we have dedicated coupons that are always attached to their best offer without an expiration date. So these coupons are always good, and most of the time are always the best promotion running.

We also work directly with the DesignModo marketing team to ensure that we know when they run a limited time promotion. So if they run a sale for Black Friday, Easter, or any other reason, we know about it first, get it added to this page, and ultimately share it with our visitors. As with any of our coupons, we want our visitors to buy with the confidence of knowing they are getting a great product at the best possible price.

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DesignModo Company Background

DesignModo is a site for web designers. The company runs its own e-shop, offering a range of products and tools to help out with web design, while also running a regularly-updated blog, complete with a myriad of guides and tips to help designers expand their knowledge and learn new techniques. What’s also great about this company is the way in which it evolves to suit the changing face of the online world.

A couple of years ago, after the surge in popularity of the WordPress platform, DesignModo started adding WordPress-based products to its lineup, including the company’s famed “Startup Framework”. This product allows users to build their own unique sites and pages using an intuitive block-based system. It works like a drag-and-drop builder, but even simpler, and is a great tool for creative people who want their WordPress sites to stand out from the rest. The framework gets all of the confusing coding out of the way, letting you build themes and sites without any hassle.

Additional DesignModo Services

As well as the WordPress Startup Framework, DesignModo also offers plenty of other material and products, all designed specifically for people who interested in web design and development. The brand’s User Interface Packs are really smart, and you can even test some of them out for free if you head on over to the company’s official site.

DesignModo also sells website generators, WordPress themes, plugins, and more. It’s the perfect place to shop if you happen to work as a web developer, or if you simply want to learn new skills and help your site grow.

DesignModo’s blog is also fantastic, complete with dozens of guides, tutorials, lists and articles to help you acquire a few new tricks and boost the success of your site. Everyone can learn something from visiting DesignModo’s official site, so we encourage you to give this company a try. The products are all fairly priced and can really help your site reach the next level.

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