10 Alternatives to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, hosting web sites from different areas. It is preferred by many internet users due to its flexibility and unlimited customized options when installing themes or plugins. In recent years, WordPress has become the most widely used publishing platform, with a continuous expanding.

But not everybody is enchanted by WordPress, some finding this platform either more complicated than others, others having issues regarding security, opinions being always divided. For this reason, it's useful to know there are many alternatives as good or even better than WordPress. Here are 10 alternatives to WordPress.


Medium is a platform addressing to readers and writers especially. Getting a Medium account comes with double quality: writer and reader at the same time. How does it work? After writing an article, you will have to find the key words suitable and then submitting the article to its certain collection. The next step is for the editor of that particular collection to approve or reject our article. There are some famous collections available on Medium, with thousands of followers. Collections, which are very well structured, and fitting in their own niche. Good to know that Medium hires journalists in order to write very well documented materials, in order to keep its high standards.


ghost-alternative-to-wordpressGhost is an open source blogging platform, easy to personalize and with few legal restrictions, which makes it very flexible. The project was conceived by a small non-profit organization, called Ghost Foundation. Build on JavaScript, Ghost uses Node.js, a web development platform, reason to its 678% faster speed than WordPress.


If you want to create your own web site for free and on your own domain, we recommend you Joomla as your platform. It is very easy to use, with few steps needed. Just go to their web address and they will assist you with the process. You will have to download and then install the Joomla platform, by filling the spaces addressed to the web site`s name, the user-name, the password to MYSQL etc. You can also choose the template that you want.


Drupal is a free software package, which allows its customers to organize, manage and publish with ease the content of the web site. Interesting fact is that you can also have different personalization options. You can also add third party applications, such as SOAP, JSON or REST. The platform is more secured than WordPress. In fact, everybody knows security is not the strongest asset for WordPress. Also, Drupal provides many SEO services.


jekyll-alternative-to-wordpressJekyll allows the transformation of a simple text into a blog. Blogging, creating a project or a presentation site get really easy when it`s done at Jekyll. Jekyll take the content and simply transforms it in Liquid and Markdown templates, offering in the end a web site ready to be used with Apache or any other web server. Also, Jekyll is the main search engine behind the GitHub pages.


Tumblr was conceived to hosting blogs, but functions as a social network, providing to its users the possibility of sharing miscellaneous audio-video materials inside the Tumblr virtual community. In terms of user mode, it is one of the simplest platforms, not using widgets or plugins like WordPress do.

CMS Made Simple

This platform, supported by Linux, Microsoft Windows and MAC OS x SYSTEMS, is a free web open source. It has a friendly interface, allowing its users to customize and extend its features. You can also benefit from free groups support available on the internet. The features of CMS Made Simple resemble with those powered by Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.


wix-alternative-to-wordpressThis system is very easy to use. Everything is done through an editor What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get. Just select, resize, choose the wanted position and then save. The control panel is maximum simplified, with features as: Menu, Social Settings, SEO, Pages etc. Overall, this is a quite intuitive platform, offering an enchanting experience.


Weebly is yet another web sites builder, with drag and drop features. The platform supports JavaScript. Weebly is the perfect solution to start your own web site, especially if you are a newbie. That doesn`t mean web masters should avoid it, since it`s a very good solution if you want to quickly create a fully functional web site.


Being a classic web site builder, Squarespace makes things really easy for its users. Its editor successfully combines principles such as WYSIWIG editing and the drag-and-drop tool. You will get enough space for the web site personalization, although choosing your own instrument might be a tricky thing to do. The design is spectacular; there are plenty themes, free or with charges. The customer support team will provide an answer to your question within 1 hour. Besides, you can find support by life chat or through the community forum. There isn`t a free version of Squarespace, but only a 14 days free trial.

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